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Aerial and hard to hit. Vulnerable to fire, but has high magic defense. Its Gaze can inflict confusion.

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Bat Eye is an enemy in Final Fantasy X fought in Via Purifico under the city of Bevelle after Yuna is put on trial. It shares its model with the Evil Eye and One-Eye.



Bat Eye can be a tricky foe because Wakka will not be in the party to help defeat it. Auron's attacks should be accurate enough to kill it, and it is weak against Fire. It uses a gaze attack that can inflict Confuse (10% chance).

Bat Eye is one of the few random encounter enemies that can drop weapons (3% for NTSC and 4% for PAL) for Auron and Kimahri without the Piercing auto-ability.

The number of slots in equipment is 1–3, where 1 slot has 40% of chance, 2 slots has 50% of chance, and 3 slots has 10% of chance to be obtained. About the amount of abilities in equipment are: 1–2, where 1 slot has 90% of chance, and 2 slots has 10% of chance to be obtained.

Possible drops depending on version:

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