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The Bat is an enemy from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates.

Stats Edit

Hill Caves/Valley of Heroes

Mount Vaal


Battle Edit

It is not a particularly powerful enemy, though can prove to be nuisance as it tends to stay out of reach of ground attacks. Players may opt to either attack it by doing aerial attack, grabbing onto it and attacking (which after one attack the player should get off of it to prevent being countered), or wait for the bat to move to ground level to attack it.

Once the Bat is at ground level, it will follow the player and attempt to use its default attack, which is incredibly short ranged. Starting at Mount Vaal, Bats will start casting Blizzard, making them more dangerous than at the Hill Caves. Those Bats, however, can be dealt with in the same manner.

If Bats are encountered with other enemies, it is advised to save them for last, especially when dealing with enemies such as the Flan and Skeleton, both of which are more dangerous than the Bat.

It is not recommended to attempt to use the Wall Slam tactic against Bats as they quickly respond to being picked up.

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