FFXI wiki icon Bastok Mines is a location in Final Fantasy XI. It is part of the Republic of Bastok.

The churning industries of Bastok are powered by the ore and minerals carted from the republic's mines. The district of Bastok Mines, cut into the mountains south of Bastok Markets, is the blue-collar region of the city where Galka workers mine the rocks for anything valuable. Bastok Markets also provides access to the Zeruhn Mines and, beyond there, Korroloka Tunnel.

While Bastok Mines provides important resources for Bastok, the district also illustrates the glaring socioeconomic disparities between the humes and Galkas. While many of the humes live in Bastok Markets and Port Bastok, many of the Galkas reside in lesser conditions along the dusty streets of the mines. These living conditions have made some galkas resentful toward the wealth of the humes.

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