Bastok Markets is a location in Final Fantasy XI. It is the main thoroughfare of the Republic of Bastok.

Smokestacks from the metalworks rise above the streets of Bastok Markets, a lively hub of commerce in a city focused on industry and technology. Bastok Markets is a welcome sight for adventurers who have braved the trek from elsewhere in Vana'diel. Likewise, countless new adventurers have taken their first steps into battle from Bastok's front gates.

Bastok Markets is known for its goldsmithing guild, as well as its nearby auction house, music store and various other shops. This zone is also home to Brygid, perhaps the most fashionable resident of Vana'diel.

In the fourth expansion pack, Wings of the Goddess, there is a past version of Bastok Markets, named Bastok Markets 'S'.

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