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The Basilisk is an enemy in Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light.

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Type A

Type B

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Part I Edit

The Basilisk is usually found in the areas near Guera. The enemy is fairly easy and can be defeated quickly with the Fire spell and standard physical attacks. The player should have some Antidotes in their inventory, since the enemy may use the Poison spell during battle. After Part II begins, the Basilisks on the world map and inside the Moonlight Tower are replaced with the Cockatrice enemy.

Part II Edit

During the events of Part II, the Basilisk can only be found inside the Trial Tower bonus dungeon. When the enemy is encountered inside the Trial Tower, the Basilisk receives higher stats and casts Poison more often. To defeat the enemy quickly; the player should attack it with strong crown abilities and black magic, while the other party members cast Esuna and Curaga to heal damaged allies.

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Etymology Edit

The Basilisk is a fictional beast that appeared in medieval bestiaries, it is said that a single gaze to their eyes would kill or petrify the observer. It was supposed to appear when a chicken's egg was hatched by a snake or a frog (hence their reptilian appearance).

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