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Basilisk is a beast/serpent-type enemy in Final Fantasy XII found in the Feywood. It drops Serpent Eye, an ingredient needed for making Tournesol. Unlike other serpent-type enemies, the Basilisk can be found slithering aboveground. In the area called White Magick's Embrace, Basilisks slither out of the ground when approached.

Bestiary entry[]

Page 1: Observations[]

Being a variety of serpent able to maintain its body temperature regardless of its environs, preferring to live in colder regions. It has two distinctive scale-patterns on its breast which are said to be the result of interbreeding between two strains of serpent. As its body is covered with scales of surpassing smoothness, it is able to move quickly through areas of deep snow.

Page 2: On the Dissection of Beasts[]

A single piercing Gaze from that Eye turneth the hale Body to Stone, or so it is said. The Serpent Eye Men calleth it, and with Fear. It is thought this Belief derives from the Similarity observed between common Serpents, and certain Ophidian Creatures of malevolent Nature, who holdeth the Power to turn Others to Stone. The inner Fold of their Eyelid being Stone as a Matter of Course, those who found these Creatures newly slain witnessed the power of the Serpent Eye.




The Basilisk is a fictional beast that appeared in medieval bestiaries, it is said that a single gaze to their eyes would kill or petrify the observer. It was supposed to appear when a chicken's egg was hatched by a snake or a frog (hence their reptilian appearance).

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