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Basic Training: Enemy Parties is a guildhest in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Set near Summerford in Middle La Noscea, the objective is to learn how to carefully deal with enemy parties without being overwhelmed.


Initially, there will be two groups of enemies, composed of a Pecking Condor and a Tiny Mandragora. The idea is to take each out one at a time without getting the attention of the other group.

Once both are down, a black mist appears in the middle and the main target, the Elder Goobbue appears, flanked with additional condors and mandragora. The objective is to have the tank hold the Goobbue's attention while the rest of the party eliminates the others first. Once the Goobbue is defeated, the Guildhest ends and party members will be awarded.


  • Elder Goobbue
    • Pecking Condor
    • Tiny Mandragora