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Bascinet is an enemy from Final Fantasy X-2. It uses Shred's model from Final Fantasy X. Bascinet has a high HP. Magic works well against it. The player should watch out for its counterattacks.




Creature Creator[]

Fiend Tale[]

I, um, actually... always kinda admired the Gullwings from afar... I heard about the trap pods from a friend, so I was in Mt. Gagazet hoping to get caught. And now I get to fight alongside you. I'm so happy!
I, um, actually... truthfully, I'm here because I admire a specific person in the Gullwings. That perfectly trained body! The mohawk that stops a running chocobo in its tracks! ... And of course, the graceful body language! Yes, I'm talking about Brother, our fearless leader! Everything about him resonates with me. Brother is my hero!
I first saw Brother in the Gagazet ruins, as he jumped from the airship to go after Yuna. He seemed so worried about her. He was shouting her name... Of course Yuna and her team were too busy fighting Leblanc and company to notice, but... I was so touched by Brother's love, a love that seemed to know no obstacles. It opened my eyes.
Ever since I came aboard, I've been practicing body language, so I can be like Brother. I think I've come a long way. I'm sure Brother and I can share a deeper understanding now. My dream is to become Brother's best student. So today, I have to go tell him how I feel!

One notable Bascinet was a fan of Brother, first seeing him the day the Gullwings were racing Leblanc's gang. The Bascinet tries to use body gestures to win Brother's apprenticeship.


The bascinet was a Medieval European open-faced military helmet.

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