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Template:Character Barusa is a main character from King's Knight -Wrath of the Dark Dragon-.



In his 4★ form, Barusa is depicted as a green dragon with red eyes and walking upright. He has a metallic horn on his forehead.

His 5★ form depicts Barusa as a green dragon with red eyes and he is now clad in armor. He wears metallic shoulder pads, a tail guard and red scales have grown around his metallic horn.


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4★: One of the heroes blessed by Khalam.
After being banished by his people, Barusa was rescued by Princess Claire and granted sanctuary in the Olthean palace by her father, King Rex. Barusa was haunted by his inaction when Princess CLaire was abducted by Tolfidan, but after receiving Khalam's blessing, he vowed to battle Tolfidan and bring the princess back safely.
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Base Stats
Rarity Element Size Level HP MP Attack Defense Luck
4★ Earth S 1
Max Stats
Rarity Element Size Level HP MP Attack Defense Luck
4★ Earth S 60 1027 91 414 434 294


Leader Skill
Name Effect
Cowered Courage (4★) Increases damage dealt to enemies by earth-aspected allies. [Lv. II]
King's Might
Name Effect MP Cost Range
Primeval Howl (4★) 6-hit, 180% power proximity attack 33 KKWDD Lightning Strike Range.png
Volcanic Eruption (4★) 440% power AoE attack x 4 attacks
Increases ATK of a single ally by 50% for 20 seconds
Receives damage of a single ally equal to 10% of max HP
52 KKWDD Icicle Press Range.png
Auto Skill
DEF increased by 20% when HP is 50% or lower (4★)