A traveler wandering the world freely like the wind. An expert in multiple jobs, he can also mimic the traits of his allies.

Dissidia 012 description

A cheerful man with a strong sense of justice and the inability to ignore those in trouble.

Dissidia Final Fantasy description

Bartz Klauser is a hero fighting for the side of Cosmos in Dissidia Final Fantasy and Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. Representing Final Fantasy V, Bartz is a courageous young man with a strong sense of justice who can mimic and combine the powers of Cosmos's other warriors in battle. Traveling with Squall and Zidane, he strives to defeat his nemesis, Exdeath.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Bartz's alternate outfits.

Bartz's design is based on his artwork by Yoshitaka Amano. Bartz has brown hair and gray eyes. He wears a blue sleeveless shirt, gray pants, pointed boots, a golden spike on his left shoulder and a flowing cape.

Bartz's first alternate outfit, "White Mist Cape," is based on an alternate Amano artwork (FFV-amano butz.jpg), which depicts him with a black and white patterned shirt, a red cloth around his waist, black and white leggings with white boots, white hair, and a blue shoulder spike and Brave Blade.

Bartz's second alternate outfit, "Freelancer," is based on his original sprite appearance (Bartz Freelancer Art.png) in Final Fantasy V, with differently styled hair, blue eyes, a blue tunic, white pants, and green boots. His EX Mode mirrors his appearance from the original Super Famicom box art (Ff5SFjapan.jpg) for Final Fantasy V, giving him a differently styled cape that wraps around the neck with a yellow emblem.

Bartz has a DLC outfit, "Dancer," based on his Dancer attire (Bartz-Dancer.PNG) from Final Fantasy V, giving Bartz a red shirt, black pants and a green sash. This look's EX Mode adds the three "mastery" stars hovering over his head, but does not give him a cape.

In the original Dissidia Final Fantasy, Bartz wields the Braveheart and Lustrous Shield, Firion's lance and axe, Onion Sword, the Dark Claw and Light Fang, the Buster Sword, the Revolver, Mage Mashers, and the Brotherhood. In Dissidia 012, Bartz no longer uses Firion's lance, but can use Kain's Lance, the Ragnarok Cannon, Yuna's Staff, the Osafune, and the Blazefire Saber.

Bartz's Crystal is a spiked purple and blue mass of material, based on the Adamantite found by him and his party in Final Fantasy V.

Bartz's manikin version, Fallacious Wanderer, is cyan.

Personality[edit | edit source]

You won't be able to see the future if you're always looking back at the past. You might as well look forward and keep going. You'll find hope again if you do.


Much like his depiction in Final Fantasy V, Bartz is adventurous, carefree, and optimistic, preferring to wander the world in his quest for his crystal instead of directly searching for it like the other warriors of Cosmos. Bartz has a tendency to run into the warriors of Chaos and eavesdrops on them, only to flee when spotted. Bartz expresses a degree of naiveté, as he unwittingly delivers Kuja's trap to Zidane while the two were competing in a race to find their crystals. Bartz fears heights, and is teased by the other warriors of Cosmos about it. Unlike the other warriors of Cosmos, who are bothered by their amnesia upon being summoned to World B, Bartz does not let his memory loss hinder him, claiming that while he can't recall an important friend's face, "[he] can still try to live by the memory" of that person. He carries a chocobo feather as a good-luck charm, which he cherishes as his "trusted companion."

Despite his carefree outlook, Bartz values his friendship with the other warriors, especially Zidane, and blames himself when the latter is captured. He encourages his allies and does his best to look out for them, demonstrated when he gives Squall his chocobo feather to protect him. After the Warrior of Light becomes distressed for his inability to recover his lost memories, Bartz suggests that he and the other warriors come up with a new name for him to help alleviate the Warrior of Light's worries.

Story[edit | edit source]

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Treachery of the Gods[edit | edit source]

In one of the earlier conflicts, Bartz finds himself in the Interdimensional Rift where he is caught off guard by Gilgamesh, whom he cannot remember due to the nature of the cycles of war. Gilgamesh persuades him into fighting, and Bartz wins. Though Bartz warns him, Gilgamesh is sucked back into the Rift as he swears to return for a true rematch someday.

At the start of the twelfth cycle, Bartz accompanies Zidane and Squall to meet with Kuja, believing him to be a rarely seen warrior of Cosmos before his identity is revealed, and Kuja drives the three off. Bartz is later attacked by Kain and found by Lightning. Bartz reveals his attacker's identity before Kain spirits him away.

Light to All[edit | edit source]

Bartz offers Squall a feather as a good luck charm.

After Squall saves Bartz and Zidane from the manikins, he is asked to come along to look for the Crystals together. Squall is more comfortable by himself and the three split up. Bartz gives Squall a chocobo feather as a good luck charm, making Squall promise to return it when they next meet.

Wishing to make their quest a bit of fun, Bartz and Zidane propose to compete over who will obtain their Crystal first. The competition is cut short as Bartz falls for a trap Kefka intended for Zidane, and after Bartz regains consciousness, finds himself in the Land of Discord. He escapes after overhearing a conversation between Kefka and Kuja about the plan to target Zidane. Later on, Bartz overhears a discussion between the Emperor, Ultimecia and Sephiroth concerning the fellow villains who fight only for destruction. At first Bartz thinks the Emperor and Sephiroth are fighting over Ultimecia; he is spotted and makes his escape.

Bartz fights Exdeath.

Bartz finds a Crystal and snatches it from Exdeath without a second thought. Bartz runs into Golbez and fights him though he tries to warn him that the "Crystal" is a trap. Bartz realizes it too late after using the teleport stone to escape to the Shinryu Isles, and finds Squall and Zidane. As Bartz shows his "Crystal" to Zidane, the latter is teleported away to Kuja. Returning to the Land of Discord to find him, Bartz blames himself as Squall returns the chocobo feather before Exdeath arrives. Bartz, tired of running, defeats him and the chocobo feather turns into his Crystal. Zidane catches up with them, having also obtained his Crystal.

Sometime after, reuniting with the other warriors while returning to Cosmos, Tidus asks what Bartz remembers of his homeworld. Bartz remembers nothing but the feather, and advice about not worrying about things he has no control over. Tidus thinks the advice must have been from a girl, but Bartz explains he heard it from an old man. Bartz later talks to the Warrior of Light about naming the currently unnamed warrior.

Bartz returns to his homeworld.

Realizing Cosmos sacrificed her life by allowing Chaos to destroy her and leaving final hope of World B is in their hands, the warriors battle their respective enemies one more time before defeating Chaos himself. After finding themselves near Castle Cornelia in World A, Bartz returns to his world as he throws a stick and fades into a forest. As he leaves, he tells his friends that when one is having the most fun time flies on.

Official Quests[edit | edit source]

During the twelfth cycle in "Bartz's Quest 012: Mimicry And a Promise", Bartz looks for treasure with Laguna and Jecht. When they take a break, Bartz challenges Laguna, wishing to learn how to mimic his skills. Laguna accepts and the two do battle, Laguna using his Ragnarok Blade attack. Bartz learns to copy it and challenges Jecht to test out the move and learn Jecht's attacks as well. Jecht brushes him off and tells Bartz he will teach him later, as his attacks are harder to mimic.

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Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Bartz's fighting style is Mimic, as he copies the attacks of the other warriors of Cosmos, freely changing between their weapons and fighting styles to create new combos. His Bravery attacks have the unique feature of carrying support abilities, and he can equip any equipment piece, making him versatile. The abilities connected to his attacks stack with support abilities, allowing Bartz to achieve higher bonuses than other characters. Bartz's HP attacks are original attacks from other characters, and he possesses an impressive ground speed, though not as fast as some other characters like Zidane, Shantotto and Onion Knight. A slight drawback is that most of Bartz's moves are close to mid-ranged, limiting his ranged capabilities. In Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, Bartz is given new moves to accommodate the newly added characters.

Boss[edit | edit source]

In Dissidia Final Fantasy, Bartz is fought in Distant Glory and Inward Chaos.

In Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, he is fought in Report 1, Side Story: Singer of the End -2-, using Kuja, and in Report 19, Side Story: The Duel of Dreams!, using Gilgamesh.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Bravery Attacks[edit | edit source]

Move Type CP (Mastered) AP Priority Effect Damage type Obtained Image
Ascendent Lance Ground 35 (15) 120 Melee Low Wall Rush Physical Initial DFF Ascendent Lance.png
DFF Ascendent Lance2.png
A slow shield toss followed by a quick lance swing. Copied from the Warrior of Light and Firion.
[Minor Physical Shield effect]
Reel Impulse Ground 35 (15) 120 Ranged High (Axe throw)
Melee Low (Dagger combo)
Wall Rush Physical Initial DFF Reel Impulse.png
DFF Reel Impulse2.png
Throw an axe that drag the opponent, then slash them with Mage Mashers. Copied from Firion and Zidane.
[EX intake range +1m]
Climbarrel Ground 35 (15) 120 Melee Low Chase Physical Level 3 DFF Climbarrel.png
DFF Climbarrel2.png
Charge forward to impale the opponent, then send them flying with three explosive stabs. Copied from Cloud and Squall.
[Chase Bravery damage +10%]
Solid Ascension Ground 35 (15) 120 Melee Low Chase
Wall Rush
Physical Level 10 DFF Solid Ascension.png
DFF Solid Ascension2.png
Perform a graceful combo with gunblade, then use sword to launch them upwards. Copied from Squall and the Warrior of Light.
[Minor Counterattack effect]
Storm Shot Aerial 35 (15) 120 Melee Low Wall Rush Physical Initial DFF Storm Shot.png
DFF Storm Shot2.png
Charge at the opponent while spinning Mage Mashers, then kick to knock them up and away. Copied from Zidane and Tidus.
[Jump Times Boost effect]
Holy Aerial 25 (10) 120 Melee Low Chase Magical Initial DFF Bartz Holy.png
Conjure five orbs of light that home in on the opponent. Copied from Terra.
[Minor Jump Boost effect]
Slidehazzard Aerial 35 (15) 120 Melee Low Chase Physical Level 28 DFF Slidehazzard.png
DFF Slidehazzard2.png
Slide through the opponent twice, then slam them down. Copied from Tidus and Cloud.
[Wall Rush Bravery damage +10%]
Dissidia 012
Move Type CP (Mastered) AP Priority Effect Damage type Obtained Image
Blade Crash Ground 30 (15) 90 Melee Low Chase Physical Initial D012 Blade Crash 1.jpeg
D012 Blade Crash 2.jpeg
Swing Blazefire Saber twice to knock them into the air, then dash through with katana to hit multiple times and slash them away. Copied from Lightning and Vaan.
[Minor Speed Boost effect]
Reel Impulse Ground 35 (15) 120 Ranged High (Axe throw)
Melee Low (Dagger combo)
Wall Rush Physical Initial DFF Reel Impulse.png
DFF Reel Impulse2.png
Throw an axe that rebounds to pull the opponent closer, then leap and slash with twin swords multiple times and knock them away. Copied from Firion and Zidane.
[EX intake range +1m]
Hazard Raid Ground 30 (15) 90 Melee Low Chase Physical Level 4 D012 Hazard Raid 1.jpeg
D012 Hazard Raid 2.jpeg
Charge forward impaling the opponent with Buster Sword, then punch them three times to launch them into the air. Copied from Cloud and Tifa.
[Chase Brave damage +10%]
Solid Ascension Ground 35 (20) 120 Melee Low Chase
Wall Rush
Physical Level 15 DFF Solid Ascension.png
DFF Solid Ascension2.png
Slash the opponent four times from close-range with four quick slashes, then perform a sword combo to knock them into the air. Copied from Squall and the Warrior of Light.
[Minor Physical Shield effect]
Holy Aerial 25 (10) 120 Ranged Low Chase Magical Initial DFF Bartz Holy.png
Conjure five balls of light that home in on the opponent. Copied from Terra.
[Minor Jump Boost effect]
Slide Shooter Aerial 30 (15) 90 Melee Low Wall Rush Physical Level 23 D012 Slide Shooter 1.jpeg
D012 Slide Shooter 2.jpeg
Slide through the opponent twice, then hit them multiple times with Kain's lance and knock them upwards. Copied from Tidus and Kain.
[Wall Rush Bravery damage +30% (incorrectly stated as +10% in menu)]
Rush Impact Aerial 30 (15) 90 Melee Low Wall Rush Physical Initial D012 Rush Impact 1.jpeg
D012 Rush Impact 2.jpeg
Swing Kain's lance to hit the opponent twice, then swing Blazefire Saber to slam them down. Copied from Kain and Lightning.
[Jump Times Boost effect]

HP Attacks[edit | edit source]

Move Type CP (Mastered) AP Priority Effect Damage type Obtained Image
Soul Eater Ground 45 (25) 180 Melee High Wall Rush Physical Initial Dissidia Bartz SoulEater.jpeg
Stab the opponent to hit them multiple times, then absorb an orb of darkness into their body to slam them backwards.
[Wall Rush HP damage +10%]
Flood Ground 45 (25) 180 Unblockable None N/A Level 19 Dissidia Bartz Flood.jpeg
Summon three blasts of water from underneath the opponent.
[Minor Magic Shield effect]
Wind Shear Aerial 45 (25) 180 Melee High Absorb
Wall Rush
Physical Initial Dissidia Bartz WindShear.jpeg
Spin around at high-speed, drawing in the opponent and hitting them multiple times.
[Minor Speed Boost effect]
Paladin Force Aerial 45 (25) 180 Ranged High Wall Rush Magical Level 38 Dissidia Bartz PaladinForce.jpeg
Shoot a light projectile to stun the opponent, then swoop around them with Light Sword, and slam them down.
[Minor Midair Evasion Boost]
Dissidia 012
Move Type CP (Mastered) AP Priority Effect Damage type Obtained Image
Dark Flame Ground 30 (15) 130 Ranged High Wall Rush N/A Level 9 D012 Bartz Dark Flame.jpeg
Stab the ground to summon bursts of black fire. Tracks the opponent into the air and through walls.
[Minor Ground Evasion Boost effect]
Hellfire Ground 30 (15) 130 Melee High (Start-up)
Ranged High (Fire plumes)
Wall Rush Physical Initial D012 Bartz Hellfire.jpeg
Summon Ifrit to attack with pillars of fire.
[Assist Gauge time +10%]
Ragnarok Blade Aerial 30 (15) 130 Melee High Wall Rush N/A Initial D012 Bartz Ragnarok Blade.jpeg
Create a long-range beam of energy and slice it like a sword.
[Wall Rush HP damage +5%]
Luminous Shard Aerial 30 (15) 130 Ranged High None N/A Level 29 D012 Bartz Luminous Shard.jpeg
Quickly swing sword to send a blade of light energy towards the opponent.
[Minor Midair Evasion Boost effect]

Bravery to HP Attacks[edit | edit source]

Move Type CP (Mastered) AP Priority Effect Damage type Obtained Image
Flare Ground 45 (25) 180 N/A None Magical Holy Dissidia Bartz Flare.jpeg
Summon three beams of fire that converge to trap the opponent and then explode.
[Minor Back to the Wall effect]
Dissidia 012
Move Type CP (Mastered) AP Priority Effect Damage type Obtained Image
Flare Ground 45 (25) 180 N/A None Magical Holy Dissidia Bartz Flare.jpeg
Summon three beams of fire that converge to trap the opponent and then explode.
[Minor Back to the Wall effect]

EX Mode[edit | edit source]

Dissidia Butz Klauser ex.png

Bartz's EX Mode is Job Mastered. His cape turns red, approximating his appearance as a Mime in Final Fantasy V, and he gains three gold stars over his head, a symbol of job mastery. Bartz gains the special attack Goblin Punch by pressing Right shoulder button and Square. The attack is a quick, short-ranged unblockable HP attack with the Wall Rush ability, and does Bravery damage before knocking the opponent away. As is tradition with the attack, it deals eight times as much Bravery damage if Bartz and his opponent are at the same level.

Bartz's EX Burst is Master Mime in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy—in Dissidia Final Fantasy it is named Spellblade-Dual Wield-Rapid Fire, referring to a powerful combination of abilities commonly used in Final Fantasy V. Chocobo footprints appear on the background before Bartz kicks the opponent. He then attacks the enemy four times, each time with two weapons and a different elemental effect. The player must input pairs of directional pad commands in succession. Bartz finishes the EX Burst by combining his mimicry weapons into the Brave Blade and strikes with a fire-imbued slash. Failure to input the commands will result in Bartz skipping to the end of the attack and less Bravery damage is dealt.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Bartz can equip any sort of weapon or armor, except for the pieces unique to the other characters and female exclusive equipment.

Exclusive weapons[edit | edit source]

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Chocoblade 50 ATK +36 Regen +30%. Trade: 15460 gil, Rapier, Spirit Stone x3, Luck Shard x2
Dayspring 92 ATK +63 Regen +40%. Trade: 29570 gil, Chocoblade, Goddess's Magicite x5, Luck Crystal x3
Dorgann's Blade 100 ATK +68 Regen +50%.
Cat Nip Effect.
Trade: 31920 gil, Dayspring, Splendor of the Wind x5, Luck Orb x5
Dissidia 012
Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Chocoblade 30 ATK +40 Regen +10%. Trade: 15460 gil, Rapier, Scarletite x1, Wanderer's Desire x5
Dayspring 90 ATK +63 Regen +15%. Trade: 158,000 gil, Chocoblade, Electrum x1, Wanderer's Dream x5
Dorgann's Blade 100 ATK +68 Regen +20%.
Cat Nip Effect.
Trade: 182,800 gil, Dayspring, Splendor of the Wind x1, Wanderer's Hopes x5

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Allusions[edit | edit source]

  • Bartz's weapon is the Brave Blade, a weapon from Final Fantasy V that is initially powerful but decreases in strength as the player flees from battle. Ironically, Bartz spends much of his storyline hiding from and fleeing from the various villains, perhaps a reference to the Brave Blade's counterpart, the Chicken Knife, which grows stronger as the player flees from battle. In Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, Gilgamesh can use the Chicken Knife as one of his weapons.
  • Similar to Gilgamesh's use of parody weapons owned by various warriors, Bartz uses a variety of weapons the other heroes use: The Warrior of Light's sword and shield, Firion's axe and lance, Onion Knight's sword, both of Cecil's swords from his two forms, Cloud's Buster Sword, Squall's Revolver gunblade, Zidane's Mage Mashers and Tidus's Brotherhood.
    • In Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, Bartz gains Kain's lance, Laguna's Ragnarok Cannon, Yuna's staff and the aeons summoned by it, Vaan's katana and Lightning's Blazefire Saber.
  • Several references are made to Bartz's friend Boko, his pet chocobo: Bartz carries around one of Boko's feathers as a good luck charm, and when he begins his EX Burst chocobo footprints run across the screen, and the cry of a chocobo is heard as Bartz kicks his opponent with a flurry of yellow feathers around him.
    • In Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, in one of the world map conversations, Bartz refers to the feather as his "partner", further alluding to Boko.
  • Bartz's association with the wind alludes to it being his element in Final Fantasy V.
  • Bartz's EX Burst, where he attacks eight times with magic-enhanced weapons, refers to one of the most powerful ability combinations in Final Fantasy V. Dual Wield lets a character equip two weapons, Spellblade lets them enchant them with magic, and Rapid Fire lets them attack four times with each weapon, for a total of eight strikes. These abilities can only be used all at once by the Freelancer or Mime classes, hence Bartz's status in Dissidia as a Mime.
  • As Bartz begins his EX Burst, he raises his arms, and the eight swords he uses for the burst fly out in four directions, turn into orbs of magic, and fly back into him. This alludes to the Spellblade animation in Final Fantasy V. The colors of the magic are red, blue, yellow and green, referring to the colors and associated Crystals' elements in Final Fantasy V. As well, before inputting the commands for his EX Burst, he will shout out, "The four essences!", which is seen at the PlayStation version's intro FMV of Final Fantasy V, describing the power of the Crystals.
  • Two of Bartz's strongest exclusive weapons are nods towards the Warriors of Dawn, and his father, Dorgann Klauser, who was a member. Bartz's artwork for the game is in the same pose as Dorgann's artwork.
  • The Goblin Punch attack available in Bartz's EX Mode uses the same visual effects of white stars used to display a hit in Final Fantasy V. The Goblin Punch attack is furthermore a reference to Final Fantasy V being the first game in the series to use Blue Magic, as the blue octahedrons from the attack animation of Blue Magic in Final Fantasy V are included in the move as well.
  • Bartz's attacks granting him minor support abilities may allude to how Blue Magic works in Final Fantasy XI. It also may refer to the Mime class's ability to take on the support abilities and stat boosts of mastered classes in Final Fantasy V.
  • Bartz's ability to use other heroes' weapons may refer to Gilgamesh, who also uses the signature weapons of previous protagonists in Final Fantasy XII, and who first appeared in Final Fantasy V. When battling Jecht, Bartz says "Let's fight like men!" as a reference to one of Gilgamesh's famous lines. Another line said by Gilgamesh is when fighting Chaos, "Let's finish this, one on one!" which is said by Gilgamesh to Bartz before he defeats Necrophobe in Final Fantasy V, "When we meet again, let's fight one on one!"
  • When Bartz finds the Leviathan summonstone in his Story Mode, he exclaims "Sweet Cosmos, it's a talking rock!", a reference to his amazement when he met Ghido: "Sweet Christmas, it's a talking turtle!"
  • Bartz's victory pose is identical to the Amano artwork of him.
  • Bartz's combo of Holy and Flare alludes to the Fork Tower, where the player must acquire both Holy and Flare simultaneously to progress.
  • At the end of the battle scene between him and Exdeath in his Destiny Odyssey, Bartz assumes a pose similar to that of his sprite in the original game.
  • Before he returns to his homeland, Bartz throws a branch into a forest and walks in, similar to how the party uses the Guardian Branch to enter the Great Forest of Moore in Final Fantasy V. It could also be referring to Bartz beginning Final Fantasy V by camping in a forest.
  • Bartz can use any equipment besides exclusive and female-only equipment. This refers to his job class as a Mime, as Mimes can use any equipment except Ribbons in Final Fantasy V.
  • During a cutscene in a report sequence, Tidus asks Bartz about his homeworld. Bartz remembers an old friend, but doesn't remember his name. He is referring to Galuf, noting that he also suffered from amnesia.
  • In Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, when the Warrior of Light faces Bartz, the latter says "You're not the only warrior of light here!" This refers to Bartz and his allies being known as the Warriors of Light in Final Fantasy V. This is further alluded to at the end of Shade Impulse in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy; when Cosmos's warriors make their way to the final gateway, the three heroes who appear on the map to be spoken to are the Warrior, Onion Knight, and Bartz. All three were known as Warriors of Light in their respective games.
  • In Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, when Bartz faces himself he says "How's about we have a staring contest?" This refers to how the best strategy to defeat Famed Mimic Gogo in Final Fantasy V is to do nothing.
  • Several characters in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy tease Bartz about his fear of heights. Kain says "Surprising that you would fear the skies". Vaan says "The sky's the limit". Bartz will retort "The skies are pretty scary, if you ask me" when facing Vaan.
  • When Gilgamesh fights Bartz in Report 19 he is wearing his Freelancer outfit, while in their battle in Report 8 Bartz is wearing his default outfit. This alludes to Bartz's sprite in Final Fantasy V, as Report 19 is a dream of Gilgamesh's and thus he imagines Bartz as he looked in their original game.
  • Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy has a chest inside a gateway in Bartz's chapter containing 1992 gil, a reference to the year of release of Final Fantasy V in Japan for the Super Famicom.
  • Bartz's Freelancer outfit has a red cape that is not shown on his original game sprite. This is an allusion to the Elven Mantle, which debuted in Final Fantasy V. It is shown to be a red cloth during its block animation.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Out of all of Bartz's Bravery attacks, Holy is the only one that is not a combination of two attacks, making it an identical copy of Terra's version, but can also be chained into Onion Knight's Flare in a similar style to how Terra chains it with Holy.
  • According to an Official Quest, the reason why Bartz does not mimic Jecht despite Jecht's time as a Warrior of Cosmos is due to Jecht refusing to teach Bartz when asked, claiming his attacks are more difficult to copy than the others, and saying he would show Bartz another time.
  • Bartz performs some moves with the opposite hand: Cecil uses Soul Eater with his sword in his right hand while Bartz holds it in his left.
  • Bartz's image on "Dissidia Potion" cans, along with Terra's, is not from the official artwork. Although in Bartz's case, only his height differs, so it's hardly noticeable.[1]
  • Bartz learns the most new moves in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, and retains just three of his attacks from the original Dissidia Final Fantasy.
  • Bartz does not mimic Shantotto's and Prishe's Bravery and HP attacks.

References[edit | edit source]

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