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FFI NulBolt Status PS

NulBolt status in the original Final Fantasy (PS).

Barthunder (バサンダ, Basanda?), also known as NulShock, is a recurring status effect. It grants resistance against Lightning-elemental attacks. The most common ability that grants Barthunder is the spell of the same name.


Final FantasyEdit

NulShock reduces Lightning-elemental damage inflicted on all allies by 50%. The status can be applied by the White Magic spell NulShock, and the item Blue Curtain.

Final Fantasy XEdit

The NulShock status on a character negates one Lightning-elemental attack or spell and is represented by a circling yellow orb. It can be granted by the NulShock spell and armor customized with SOS NulShock, which grants NulShock when the wearer reaches HP Critical HP.

Final Fantasy XIEdit

FFXI Misc Positive Status

Barthunder increases the player's resistance to the Lightning-based elemental damage caused by spells, attacks, and status effects. The spells Barthunder and Barthundra, accessible by the Red Mage and White Mage respectively, can give the Barthunder status.

Final Fantasy XIIIEdit


Barthunder increases resistance to Lightning-elemental damage. The Sparkbane Brooch accessory grants Critical: Barthunder, and the Sparkshield Earring accessory grants Auto-Barthunder.


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