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Even if we believe different things, I'll always feel the same about her. The time of the summoners may have passed, but I will always be Dona's guardian. I live only to protect her!


Barthello is a character from Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. His somewhat slow appearance belies a dutiful man, serious about his guardian duties to Dona. According to the Final Fantasy X Ultimania Omega, Barthello is 24 years old during Final Fantasy X.



Barthello has short brown hair, half-closed eyes and a square-shaped face. He is tall and muscular, wearing two brown belts adorned with iron buttons on his chest and Yakuza-style bandages around his abdomen. He wears baggy light blue three-quarter length trousers with a green belt, and blue sandals with criss-crossing arm wraps of the same color.


During Final Fantasy X he speaks little, often just nodding in response to what Dona says or silently responding to her orders, but when he does speak, he has something significant to say. He appears at first to be intimidating and thuggish, but in truth he is highly loyal and dutiful, desiring nothing but to protect his summoner. In Final Fantasy X-2 Barthello is much more interactive, though dejected and torn between his beliefs and his feelings for Dona.


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Final Fantasy X[]

Barthello, Dona's loyal guardian.

Barthello is the only guardian to summoner Dona. At first silent, he suddenly starts talking when he meets Auron, claiming the legendary guardian was the reason he decided to become one. Whenever he is around Auron, Barthello becomes giddy, unable to contain his excitement.

When Dona is kidnapped by the Al Bhed, Barthello starts doubting his abilities as a guardian. Auron gives him advice and he is able to continue his duties. Barthello eventually finds Dona and, depending on the player's choices, the two either continue their pilgrimage or give up on it.

Final Fantasy X-2[]

Barthello outside Dona's house.

Two years after the beginning of the Eternal Calm, Barthello is living with Dona in Kilika and is a member of New Yevon. Due to Dona's allegiance to the Youth League and the growing unrest between the two factions, they have split by the time Yuna encounters them.

Barthello is living at Kilika Temple, with the other believers. When fiends start coming out of the temple, Barthello is one of the people responsible with keeping them inside. He is injured, but receives help from the Gullwings. Despite his split with Dona, he claims to the Gullwings that he will always be Dona's guardian, and lives only to protect her.

Depending on Yuna's actions, the couple will either be reunited at the steps of Kilika Temple, or Barthello will be left pleading outside Dona's house.

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Other appearances[]

Mobius Final Fantasy[]

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