Allows you to use defensive spells.


Barrier materia is a Magic Materia Magic Materia in Final Fantasy VII Remake equipped to provide the defensive spells that provide resistance to damage. These spells are Barrier Barrier, providing 50% resistance to physical damage; Manaward Manaward, providing 50% resistance to magical damage; and Manawall Manawall, providing 50% resistance to both types of damage.

Obtained[edit | edit source]

Barrier Materia location.

A barrier materia is given by Jessie Rasberry in "Remaining Payment". One is also found in an alleyway in Wall Market.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Growth[edit | edit source]

Level AP required Effect
1 0 Barrier
2 300 Manaward
3 900 Manawall

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Magic MP Effect
Barrier 11 Applies the Barrier Barrier buff, granting 50% resistance to physical damage.
Manaward 14 Applies the Manaward Manaward buff, granting 50% resistance to magical damage.
Manawall 20 Applies the both the Barrier and Manaward buffs, providing 50% resistance to all damage.

Use[edit | edit source]

The barrier materia grants spells that apply buffs which reduce damage. The first spell, Barrier, applies the Barrier Barrier buff, reducing physical damage received by 50%. The second, Manaward, applies the Manaward Manaward buff, reducing magic damage received by 50%. Manawall applies both buffs at once. Depending on the damage used by the enemy type, barrier materia spells can provide great durability in lengthened battles.

Combining barrier materia with Magnify Materia Magnify Materia allows the buffs to be applied to all party members. This can be a useful and very ATB and MP-efficient way to keep the party near full HP throughout a fight, especially against more challenging opponents. If combined with means of healing HP outside of using MP, such as HP Absorption Materia HP Absorption Materia, Chakra Materia Chakra Materia, and Prayer Materia Prayer Materia, they can keep a character near full HP without needing to spend much MP. This is useful during hard mode where MP is scarce.

The barrier materia also provides many attribute bonuses: +2 to max MP, +2 to Magic Attack Magic Attack, +1 to Magic Defense Magic Defense, +1 to Magic Magic attribute, and +1 to Spirit Spirit. There are no penalties for equipping it, though the bonuses all mostly benefit characters who are built towards spellcasting. This is normally Aerith Gainsborough or Cloud Strife due to their naturally high Magic Magic attribute, though depending on the equipped weapon and materia, it can be equally or more useful for Tifa or Barret Wallace, particularly if they have more MP to spare.

Barret can benefit greatly from barrier materia spells. If his Lifesaver spell is used, causing him to tank more damage intended for other party members, Barret can then be protected with Barrier or Manaward, causing him to take less damage of his own. This can also be combined with Provoke Materia Provoke Materia to cause enemies to focus Barret, and then resist their damage.

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