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Barkeep is a Hypello in Final Fantasy X-2 who works with the Gullwings. He is stationed aboard the Gullwings' airship, the Celsius, where he runs a shop where Yuna can buy curative items and accessories. He also gives the option to rest, although the save spheres completely heal the party; resting once per chapter unlocks a small scene that counts toward 100% completion.



Barkeep shares the same generic model as the other Hypello; a blue-skinned hairless humanoid with an amphibian-like appearance and large hands.


Like his brethren, Barkeep is calm and takes life as it comes. He is unbothered that his crew companions refer to him only by his job. His Japanese name, Master, reflects the Japanese culture of how customers would address the owner of a bar. Barkeep stays away from the thick of action, instead providing backup support by taking care of the Gullwings' living quarters. Much to the Gullwings' leader Brother's surprise, Barkeep is open to finding love and dedicating his life to a well-chosen "sweetheart".


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Brother had found Barkeep and invited him to come aboard the Celsius. Barkeep runs the bar aboard the ship, and—as no one knows his actual name—he is simply referred to as Barkeep. Barkeep generally stays in the cabin, but when the Leblanc Syndicate break into the airship to steal the other half of the sphere obtained in Zanarkand, Barkeep asks YRP if anything is missing. Later, when the Gullwings and the Leblanc Syndicate infiltrate Bevelle after learning about powerful secret machina weapon, Vegnagun, Barkeep stops by the save sphere since he was worried about the others. Inside the temple, Barkeep arrives by the save sphere as well so that they can stock up on items. When Yuna and Rikku prepare for the concert, Barkeep helps them rehearse.

On the eve of the final confrontation with Vegnagun, Brother goes for a drink at the bar and confides to Barkeep about his infatuation with Yuna. Barkeep reveals he has a partner called Darling, much to Brother's dismay, and Darling comes aboard the Celsius to live with Barkeep.

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The Gullstore[]

Item Cost Chapters Available
Potion 50 All
Hi-Potion 500 Chapter 3 onwards
Phoenix Down 100 All
Antidote 50 All
Eye Drops 50 All
Echo Screen 50 All
Soft 50 All
Holy Water 300 All
Twist Headband 3,000 All
White Cape 3,000 All
Silver Glasses 3,000 All
Star Pendant 4,000 All

During Chapter 1, if the player rescues O'aka XXIII and takes him on-board the airship, he opens a shop with a set debt, opposite Barkeep's bar. By buying items from him, the player decreases his debt. If the player clears his debt before the end of Chapter 2, O'aka will sell his items at 10% of the price, which is less than the money received if the player sells the same item to Barkeep. So, by buying an item from O'aka, then selling it back to Barkeep, the player can make a profit.

Optional scene[]

If the player rests at least once per chapter, in Chapter 5 the player can get an extra cutscene showing Brother and Barkeep talking about Brother's infatuation with Yuna. After Barkeep reveals his partner called Darling,, players can rename the animals that appear when using the Trainer dressphere.