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NulBlaze status in Final Fantasy X.

Barfire (バファイ, Bafai?), also known as NulFire or NulBlaze, is a status effect which reduces the power of all Fire-based spells and abilities that are used against the target.


Final Fantasy[]

NulFire reduces all Fire damage to the party by 50%. It can be obtained either through the use of the spell NulFire or the item Red Curtain. The only enemy that has access to the spell is the Vampire Lord.

Final Fantasy X[]

NulBlaze nullifies one Fire attack or spell done to the target. It can be obtained through the spell NulBlaze and the mixes NulAll, Mega NulAll, Hyper NulAll, and Ultra NulAll, as well as the armor ability SOS NulBlaze. After the effect wears off, the status must be reapplied to take effect again.

Final Fantasy XI[]

FFXI Misc Positive Status.png

The Barfire effect increases the target's resistance to Fire based on the caster's Enhancing Magic skill. It can be obtained through the use of the White Mage spell Barfira, the Red Mage spell Barfire, or the item Barfire Ointment.

Final Fantasy XIII[]

Barfire status is obtained via the Synergist spell of the same name. It halves all Fire damage done to the target. It can be removed with Dispel and Dispelga. The effect can also be gained via equipment: Flamebane Brooch gives Barfire when the wearer is in HP Critical health, and it can be bought at the Magical Moments shop for 3,000 gil and one is found in chapter 11 in Oerba on the Rust-Eaten Bridge. The Flamebane Brooch can be upgraded to Flameshield Earring, which gives Auto-Barfire, casting the effect at the start of battle.