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Barfira in Final Fantasy XI.

Barfira (バファイラ, Bafaira?) is a recurring support spell in the series. The spell functions as an area of effect version of the Barfire spell, raising the fire-resistance of multiple party members.


Final Fantasy XI[]

Barfira is an Enhancing Magic learned by White Mages at level 17, serving as the area of effect version of the Barfira spell available to Red Mages and Rune Fencer. Its scroll can always be purchased from Hasim in Lower Jeuno.

When cast, party members, in a limited area of effect, will have a higher chance of avoiding damage from Fire-based spells, and taking decreased damage from Fire-based attacks. It may be recast every 10 seconds and its effectiveness varies depending on the player's Enhancing Magic skill.

Should a player have a White Mage as their sub-job, their character will have access to Barfira once reaching level 34.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

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