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The Baretta, also known as the R.ANKYLO in the NES version, is an enemy from the original Final Fantasy. They are very rare enemies that appear in the Great Desert and Cardia Islands. They appear in groups of two or four and are palette swaps of their stronger brothers, the Desert Barettas.

It is easiest to defeat them with regular physical attacks with the Warrior. They resist magic, and do not possess any elemental weaknesses, thus making physical attacks useful.


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The bulette is a heavily scaled carnivorous monster from Dungeons & Dragons. It is a huge ravenous creature that burrows through the earth and attacks unsuspecting victims from below.

Its localized NES name is short for "Red Anyklosaurus", a red variation of the regular Ankylo from that localization. The ankylosaurus was a genus of armored dinosaur during the late Cretaceous period.

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