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Baren Falls is a location in Final Fantasy VI that only appears in the World of Balance. It is situated north of the Veldt and south-west of Doma Castle and Imperial Camp. The party automatically gets healed when they jump off the cliff.

Like several locations in the Doma region, the falls are nowhere to be found in the World of Ruin. This is probably because the Serpent Trench is no longer accessible as it has been raised above ground. The falls may still exist, as a scene during the credits shows children looking over a cliff identical the falls.

Story Edit

Sabin, Shadow, and Cyan arrive here looking to flee from Doma and the Gestahlian Empire. Shadow leaves them here. Sabin and Cyan jump down the falls, fighting monsters on the way. When they reach the bottom, they are saved by a wild boy named Gau.

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  • Mog could learn the Water Harmony dance when fighting in the waterfall, but he cannot be recruited before the event.
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