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Gain the same attack power as monks when unarmed.


Barehanded, also known as Barefist, is a Monk support ability in Final Fantasy V. It allows a character to have high attack power without a weapon equipped, giving them the same attack power as a Monk. In addition, equipped Barehanded provides the same +26 Strength modifier normally gained by Monks.


Barehanded is innate to Monks, and will be granted to any character equipping the job. Upon reaching job level 2 as a Monk, for 45 AP total, the Barehanded ability can be equipped by any job. Though innate to Monks, it does not become innate to characters after mastering the job.


The damage for Attack Power for an unarmed character with Barehanded is equal to that character's level multiplied by 2 plus 3.

Equipping Barehanded also grants the +26 Strength modifier.

Wearing the Kaiser Knuckles accessory boosts damage when fighting unarmed by boosting Attack by 50.


Barehanded allows a character to deal strongly damaging two-hit attacks with no weapon equipped, while also improving their Strength. As such, a character with the ability will be capable of dealing considerable damage with little investment.

There are a few cases in which one would benefit from this ability. Early on in the game, for instance, a Thief could deal more damage with Barehanded and no weapons equipped than they could with a knife weapon. Similarly, a White Mage or Black Mage could benefit from being able to deal strong physical damage when they are conserving MP and not casting spells. For the most part, the ability slot is better used for other abilities, and the +26 Strength modifier provided by Barehanded will not outweigh the benefits of equipping a more powerful late game weapon, and as a Freelancer or Mime, the modifier is earned by mastering the Monk job anyway and the ability becomes obsolete.