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Bard job command. Sing melodies in an exquisite voice to cause various mysterious effects.


Bardsong (詩う, Utau?, lit. Sing), also known as Sing in the original PlayStation version, is the action ability of the Bard job class in Final Fantasy Tactics whose abilities boost all allied units' stats from anywhere on the field. The songs repeat based on how many turns the initial Charge Time was.

The amount HP/MP restored by Bardsong is as follows:

Name Range Effect Speed JP Needed
Seraph Song
(Angel Song)
1 All allies 17 100
A song pleading for angelic protection. Restores MP.
Life's Anthem
(Life Song)
1 All allies 17 100
A song praising the vibrance of life. Restores HP.
Rousing Melody
(Cheer Song)
1 All allies 13 100
A song of encouragement and inspiration. Increases Speed.
Battle Chant
(Battle Song)
1 All allies 13 100
A gallant song of battles fought and won. Increases physical attack power.
Magickal Refrain
(Magic Song)
1 All allies 10 100
A song of the laws of sorcery and of the source of magick. Increases magickal attack power.
Nameless Song 1 All allies 10 100
A thoroughly mysterious song passed down through many an age. Bestows various types of protection.
Effect: Reraise, Regen, Protect, Shell, Haste.
(Last Song)
1 All allies 5 100
The ultimate song. Increases allies' CT to 100.