Template:FFXIV Duty Bardam's Mettle is a dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood.


If you are to participate in the Naadam, and fight alongside the Mol, you must first be recognized as a warrior of the Steppe. To earn this honor, you will be required to complete a rite of passage involving walking in the footsteps of the legendary hero Bardam and taming a yol. Each must do this by themselves, of course, and so you shall...though if by pure coincidence some of your fellow adventurers happened to have made the long journey to the Far East, and simply insisted on accompanying you...surely no one would be any the wiser?

In-game description


  1. Arrive at Bardam's Hunt: 0/1
  2. Defeat Galura: 0/1
  3. Arrive at the Rebirth of Bardam the Brave: 0/1
  4. Defeat Bardam: 0/1
  5. Arrive in the Voiceless Muse: 0/1
  6. Defeat Yol: 0/1


The party enters their own Bardam's Mettle separated from Hien, Gosetsu, and Lyse. The party encounters various Steppe beasts, the Dusk and Dawn Visage, before encountering the first boss, Galura.

Galura's icon may be special, but still has emnity based targeting. The boss will occasionally cast Crumbling Crust, which spawns wildly random AoEs around it upon finishing the cast. Rush will target a player with a distance-based tether. The targeted player should go far away from the boss to reduce damage, and overlapping with a nearby animal will soften the charge significantly. (need confirmation) After Rush is finished, it will roar and wake up the sleeping animals, before stomping the ground, stunning the players with moderate damage. The animals will do certain AoE attacks; the sheep will have a small AoE, the deers will have a line AoE, and the Coeurl (only appearing on 2nd rush and beyond) will have a huge cone AoE. The boss will repeat these mechanics until it is defeated.

The path through then opens, and the party goes through a canyon valley. Bardam magically turns rocks into golems with a slam of his giant hammer while closing the path forward. The party must defeat them to progress.

The second boss, Bardam, is special. Everyone in the party cannot act, and given a game. The party must follow mechanics thrown at them in order to progress without having to fight. Bardam's "battle" has 3 phases, and at least one player must pass the trial or it's a wipe. Failing a mechanic will give you a strike, and two strikes, you're out for one phase.

Once through, Bardam will declare you worthy, and allows you to claim your prize. The party then slides through a waterfall to a chamber beneath called the Voiceless Muse, which seems to be a tightly guarded area. While engaging the mobs, beware of giant boulders rolling down the middle!

After defeating the guardians, the inner chamber opens to reveal our objective and our to-be mount, Yol, as the final boss. The boss will occasionally drop feathers around two targeted players, while also shooting feathers from the sides. The boss also has a party wide attack and a strong attack. Once the boss is at half HP, the boss will fly away and an add will spawn. Defeat the adds while avoiding feathers and the boss itself rushing through a party member. There will be two of these adds. Once they're down the boss reappears and the fight continues. Upon reaching 10% HP, the boss will fly away and executes its ultimate attack. During this time, the Left and Right wings are targettable and should be broken, while the outer sides of the arena rain down feathers in a circular motion. The boss can knock someone back with a green target. Upon shattering both of its wings, the boss will be stunned for a few seconds before continuing the fight normally, and finally defeating the boss, claiming it.


  • Halgai shoot
  • Canyon Dzo
  • Greater gulo-gulo
  • The Dusk Visage
  • The Dawn Visage
  • Galura
  • Mettling dhara
  • Steppe eagle
  • Khun gurvel
  • Hunter of Bardam
  • Eastern buzzard
  • Holly blue
  • Mettling matamata
  • Khun Shavar
  • Yol
  • Corpsecleaner Eagle
  • Left Wing
  • Right Wing


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