For the piece of equipment see Barbut.

Barbuta is an enemy from Final Fantasy X-2. It uses Murussu's model from Final Fantasy X. Barbut is weak to Lightning, making it easily beatable with Thunder attacks.

Stats[edit | edit source]



Fiend Arena

Fiend Arena Oversoul

Creature Creator[edit | edit source]

Fiend Tale[edit | edit source]

Barbuta does not have a fiend tale.

Fiend Arena[edit | edit source]

The Barbuta appears in the Standard Cup as a member of the Forest Watch team, along with an Amorphous Gel. Between the Amorphous Gel's high-power attacks and the Barbuta's persistent offensive, the two opponents together are among the toughest Standard Cup opponents to beat.

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Etymology[edit | edit source]

A barbute is a visorless war helmet of 15th-century Italian design, often with distinctive T-shaped or Y-shaped opening for the eyes and mouth.

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