Tidus when entering battle against Barbatos.

Barbatos is a fiend in Final Fantasy X encountered Inside Sin. It is a large armored yellow/orange creature with short legs and big tube-like arms, which are used in battle as shields and hammers.

Stats[edit | edit source]

  1. 90 prior to International version
  2. 15 prior to International version

Battle[edit | edit source]

Body Splash.

Barbatos has a total of three attacks: a standard physical attack that inflicts comparatively major damage; Body Splash, that hits the entire party for physical damage; and Mortar, an even stronger attack that also affects the entire party. Mortar is used upon falling below 50% HP, 25% HP, and when Armor Break is inflicted. While Provoked or fighting aeons, it uses a physical attack with reduced accuracy. When below 25% HP, it will stop using Body Splash, but will use its regular physical attack against aeons.

Barbatos has high Defense and the highest HP of any regular enemy. It is difficult to inflict Overkill on Barbatos, because of its large Overkill threshold and tough Defense. It can drop weapons with Piercing for any party member, rather than just Kimahri and Auron.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

There are several ways to defeat Barbatos. The safest way is to cast Demi (preferably using Doublecast) to bring Barbatos's HP down to a manageable level, before finishing it off with conventional attacks.

If the player has a weapon with Zombiestrike, they can use it to inflict Zombie on Barbatos, and then cast Curaga on it for several thousand points of damage per casting. Barbatos cannot, however, be destroyed by revivification abilities.

If the player can withstand the threat of Mortar, they can use Armor Break to destroy Barbatos's defenses, but this will only work 50% of the time.

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