After several years of experimentation, we have finally succeeded in fusing mammal and magitek. Although we are still performing various tests on Codename: Barbarus, the unit should be functional enough to fend off would-be intruders until development finishes on Unit XDA-1002: Immortalis.

Report on Unit SAS-0822

Barbarus, also known as Unit SAS-0822, is Verstael Besithia's experiment to fuse magitek with a mammal. It is fought as the first "final boss" of Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto, followed by a battle against the Immortalis. It is a mechanical white yeti, who climbs and hangs from the ceiling of the hangar where it is encountered to facilitate Prompto's ranged battle style.

Battle[edit | edit source]

Aranea aids the player in the battle as guest. She is powerful and can do most of the damage against the boss if the player hangs back, but she will berate the player if they do so; performing well against Barbarus prompts praise from her in turn. The player can invoke her to use her Dragoon Dive technique, which also opens a crackshot opportunity for Prompto. She has no HP bar and is thus invincible, so the player doesn't need to look after her. The hangar has weapons on the sides to use.

Barbarus climbs around the room and hangs from the ceiling, making him a good target for Prompto's arsenal. When hanging from the ceiling, it will throw debris at Prompto and Aranea. When it drops down it deals damage to those it hits. If the player's attack drops it while it's hanging and it falls, Barbarus becomes Vulnerable for a time. Another way to make it Vulnerable is hit it between the eyes with the sniper rifle. When it becomes Vulnerable, the player gets an opportunity to use crackshot.

When on the ground, it slams its fists into the floor dealing damage to those in the vicinity. It at first breathes white fog that damages those in front of it. After losing half its HP, it bursts into flames and its fur is burned off. It starts to leap onto the player from even further distances and breathes fire in a wide arc in front of it. It is more powerful now and can kill the player in one hit.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The player should keep distance and use the ranged weaponry. The grenade only hits Barbarus when it is on the ground and deals poor damage, so the player is better off using their guns; even the default handgun deals more damage than the grenade.

If Barbarus starts to chase Prompto the player should run and dodge-roll away from it, then return fire when there is a safe distance. The player can collect the machine-gun, bazooka and sniper rifle from around the room to use against Barbarus. The rifle and bazooka deal good damage, but Barbarus moves around a lot so they may be hard to aim in the heat of battle. However, it makes a large target for the rifle, which zooms in.

The best damage is dealt by crackshot.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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