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Baram is Shadow's former partner in Final Fantasy VI. He only appears within flashbacks, seen during Shadow's dreams when he is in the party while resting at an inn.


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FFVI IOS Clyde Leaves Baram

Baram asks Clyde to kill him.

Shadow (under his real name Clyde) and Baram were bandits who once robbed a million gil from a train. To celebrate their success, Baram dubbed the duo "the Shadow Bandits". Baram fell injured on the journey to flee the authorities and urged Clyde to get to safety. He asked Clyde to finish him off, afraid of what would happen should he be caught. Clyde refused and abandoned Baram, fleeing to Thamasa where he got married, and fathered a child. Unable to bear his past, Clyde abandoned his family and changed his identity, renaming himself "Shadow", after the name Baram dubbed the two of them.

After Kefka Palazzo is defeated, Shadow stays behind in the collapsing Kefka's Tower while everyone, including his dog Interceptor, return to the Falcon, saying "Baram... It looks like I can finally stop running... Come and find me all right?"

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Baram is Korean for "wind". The name "Baram" bears a vague resemblance to "Bonnie". Together with Clyde, the two could be a reference to the famous thief duo, Bonnie and Clyde. Alternatively, it may refer to the real Clyde's last name, Barrow.

Baram's Japanese name, Billy, is likely a reference to Billy the Kid.


  • In one of Shadow's dream sequences, Baram as the wounded Returner sprite. It is unknown if Baram joined the Returners and it is never stated who is after them when Baram mentions that he's scared of getting caught alive.
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