Baralai is a boss in Final Fantasy X-2. He is fought twice, once in the Bevelle Underground, and once in the Den of Woe. He has good accessories so steal both times he is fought. If the player fails to learn Drill Shot during the first encounter, they will have to visit the Den of Woe for the second encounter with Baralai. The International and HD Remake versions allow him to be fought in the Fiend Arena, allowing more opportunities to learn Drill Shot if needed.

Stats[edit | edit source]



Fiend Arena

Battle[edit | edit source]

First encounter[edit | edit source]

Baralai hits hard and fast. His other attacks include "Glint," a physical attack than can hit multiple party members, and "Looming Glacier," a physical attack that inflicts Stop. He also casts Demi. Baralai will fire an explosive bullet from his gun, doing heavy damage to the last girl that hit him after he is hit ten times. Drill Shot can be learned by Gun Mages as a Blue Bullet.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

To keep up, the party can be in Haste mode, by using a Chocobo Wing. During the battle, the party can have a White Mage constantly healing while the others hit with their strongest spells and attacks.

Second encounter[edit | edit source]

The pyreflies' illusion of Baralai is much stronger than when he was first fought in Bevelle. He can now drain MP and inflict Silence on the party.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The party can have an Alchemist heal while the two others use their strongest attacks.

Fiend Arena[edit | edit source]

Baralai also appears in the Youth League Tournament in the Fiend Arena. He is much stronger than his previous incarnations and sometimes appears alongside Nooj and Gippal.

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