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The Baptiste Hill area.

Green grasses cover the gently sloping hillside. A refreshing wind eases the burdens of passing travelers.


Baptiste Hill is one of the locations in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. Bangaa recruits may be found here during the early spring months.


Baptiste Hill[]


Lush grasses carpet the hillside. Caravans mark the progress of their journey as they pass the solitary tree.

Flutegrass Bluff[]


A cool breeze blows in from the coast. On clear days it's possible to make out the continent across the narrow sea.

The Boulderfall[]


The many rocks jutting this low-lying mountain make it a popular proving grounds for adventurers with more lofty ambitions.


"Throw Down"

Clan Gully was called to assist House Bowen in vanquishing the infamous Crushatrice Klesta. In battle, Klesta manage to flee. When Clan Gully wanted to chase the giant bird, Bowen stopped them. A fellow House member then tells the story of Friese, Bowen's wife, who got slain chasing after Klesta.

Sun-dappled Trail[]


Sunlight dances through breaks in the canopy covering this woodland trail. Clumps of mushroom sprout in the shade.

Random encounter[]

"Wee Evil"

Their small bodies belie their fierce tempers. They make for cunning and brutal foes.

Forbidden: Actions by Moogles


Camoa Highroad[]

The road leads south toward Camoa, gradually widening as it nears the city.

Bisga Highroad[]

This road leads southwest to the Bisga Greenlands. The way is rough, making progress slow even on foot.

Zedlei Highroad[]

This road follows the coast north to Zedlei Forest. Mounds of green underbrush rise along the verge.

Aldanna Highroad[]

This roads leads to the Aldanna Range. The loose soil littering the path slows even the most sure-footed of wayfarers.


  • "Wanted: Florah"
  • "Wanted: Gaitsnipe"
  • "Wanted: Floraxion"
  • "Red King Of Cinquleur"
  • "Mushroom Chef"
  • "Throw Down"
  • "Duelhorn"
  • "The Nu Mou Nobles"
  • "The Lands Of Loar"
  • "Monster Poaching"
  • "The Wonders Of Loar"
  • "Bonga Bugle - Goldsun"
  • "Bonga Bugle - Mistleaf"
  • "Wanted: Friends, Kupo!"
  • "I Got A Bad Feeling"