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Tougher 'n me, and with the rank to prove it!


Bansat is a seeq and member of Clan Centurio. He teams with the party when hunting Gil Snapper in Final Fantasy XII. Bansat will notify the party if the Gil Snapper has appeared in Tracks of the Beast and will also assist in the battle.

Bansat also aids the party in fighting Gil Snapper and three Storm Elementals in the Zodiac versions' Trial Mode Stage 30. He is also one of the seeq fought in Stage 31, along with four Seeq Fishers.


Like other seeq, Bansat is weak to Fire. His level and HP are not displayable by Libra. He will always follow the party leader, but doesn't move as fast. He'll only charge into the nearest monsters when approached by the party.


Name Stat
Level 36
Weak Fire
Target Info No
Max HP 4,797
Max MP 999
Strength 35
Magick Power 20
Vitality 59
Speed 22
Attack Power 57
Defense 15
Magick Resist 24
Evade 12
Magick Evade 0


Name Stat
Status Immunities X-Zone, Petrify, Sleep, Disable, Blind, Poison, Sap, Lure, Berserk, Bubble
Innate Statuses Haste (100%), Faith (100%)
Augments Safety, Focus, Last Stand, Attack CT 0*(when Bansat's HP drops below 40%)
Gambits (B)*(Occasionally) Self: HP < 20% ⇛ Hi-Potion*(only in combat)
(C)*(Rarely) Ally: status = Blind ⇛ Blindna*(only in combat)
(B)*(Occasionally) Ally: status = Disable ⇛ Esuna*(only in combat)
(A)*(Very Often) Ally: Any ⇛ Protect*(only in combat)
(C)*(Rarely) Ally: Any ⇛ Shell*(only in combat)
(B)*(Occasionally) Foe: nearest visible ⇛ Lunge*(only when not under the effect of Attack CT 0)
(B)*(Occasionally) Foe: nearest visible ⇛ Heave*(only when not under the effect of Attack CT 0)
(A)*(Very Often) Foe: nearest visible ⇛ Attack
(A)*(Very Often) Self: HP < 40% ⇛ Hi-Potion


Category Name
Weapon Unarmed*(may inflict immobilize)

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift[]

At a quest named "Wanted: Friends, Kupo!" it is mentioned by Montblanc that Bansat will take care of Clan Centurio while Montblanc was gone. Later at "Champion's Cup", Bansat is shown to be a Viking as part of Clan Centurio's team. A conversation between the two will take place if Montblanc is used on the battle with each side surprised to see the other one.

In battle Bansat is a strong opponent, with a combination of the Mjolnir, Genji Armor, among other equipment and the use of the abilities Pugilist and Absorb Damage, he is a massive tank with prodigious offensive power.