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In-game render of a Banora White.

Unbelievable... How can you not know about dumbapples? You'll never make 1st at that rate.


A Banora White (バノーラホワイト, Banōra Howaito?), also known as a dumbapple (バカリンゴ, bakaringo?), is a kind of fruit found only in the village of Banora in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-. Banora White trees bear fruit at random times during the year, which is the reason the villagers call them "dumbapples". Banora Whites can be made into juice, as referenced in the Banora Underground, where an article about Genesis's invention of Banora White juice can be seen. The tastiest Banora Whites were said to have been found on the largest Banora White tree, which belonged to Banora's landlord, Genesis's father.

Genesis hoped to one day be able to eat Banora Whites with the hero Sephiroth, whom he admired. While this dream did not come true (presumably), Zack Fair fulfilled it partially by eating a Banora White with Genesis, as Zack had been injected with Sephiroth's cells.

The Fruit of Knowledge that caused Adam and Eve to fall from Eden is often depicted as an apple, and Genesis often carries a Banora White with him. It is used as a symbol of temptation, as he offers it to people he wishes would join him. Several varieties of "white apples" (ranging from white to pale green or pale yellow in color) exist in the real world, and are often known as "ghost apples" or "spirit apples" and used in certain cultural celebrations of the dead as offerings due to their color. A limited number of purple apple varieties also exist, such as the rare black diamond.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy VII Remake[]

Banora posters on the wall.

Advertisements for "Banora White Apple Juice" appear on the walls of the Sector 1 train station, calling it delicious, fresh, and healthy. The posters can also be seen near Jessie's parents house in Chapter 4, "Mad Dash", on the Upper Sector 7.

Final Fantasy XV[]

A sign advertising Banora Whites in Final Fantasy XV.

There are signs around the world that advertise "Banora White." The texture for the Heatwave magazine has also has the Banora White logo on an advert. "Banora White" in Final Fantasy XV appears to be a beach or a beach resort, or perhaps even the swimsuit brand for the model. Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- and Final Fantasy XV have the same director.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

FFRK Banora White VIICC.png
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