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Banora Village is a town in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- and home to many secrets. It is the only location of which Banora apples grow because of the village's rich soil, as in the area Lifestream runs near the surface. Banora is located in the Mideel Area, as evidenced by the Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Ultimania.

The cans of apple juice are spotted throughout the game; a few cans are locked within a room within the Shinra Mansion. Dr. Hollander also wears a shirt with the Banora White Apple Juice logo.


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Banora was one of many sites examined by the Shinra Electric Power Company for the potential to host a mako reactor. The underground mines were built with this purpose in mind, with the village constructed to conceal the mines' construction and existence. The mining site was closed when Shinra discovered the Emerald Weapon in stasis, and the village was built to hide the discovery with Shinra staffing the new village with residents. Though the village was placed there to conceal the vestiges of the mining site from the general public, it was also used as a location to keep the staff of Project G under house arrest.[1]

Shinra employees were placed on the village board of trustees but eventually the company lost interest in the site and Banora became a free village. After the Jenova Project, Genesis Rhapsodos was sent to live in Banora under foster parents, as were Gillian Hewley and Angeal Hewley and others involved in Project G, to live under surveillance.[2]

Banora Orchard.

Banora is the only place in the world where Banora White apples grow, due to an unknown property of the soil in the region. Because they ripen at random times throughout the year, the villagers nicknamed them "dumbapples". As a child Genesis won a competition for the idea of Banora White Apple Juice, which would become Banora's trademark export.

Genesis's family property hosted the largest Banora White tree in the village, and it was said to produce the tastiest apples. As Genesis and Angeal grew up, they became best friends despite the socioeconomic differences between their families; Genesis's family were rich landlords, while Angeal's family was poor.

Genesis discovered the abandoned mines and made them into his secret base. A journal Zack Fair finds there later recounts his desire to share Banora White juice with Sephiroth, who was the same age as Genesis but a famous hero of the Wutai War. Genesis and Angeal left Banora to join SOLDIER, Genesis aspiring to become a hero like Sephiroth, both rising through the ranks to SOLDIER 1st Class.

After Genesis deserts Shinra, Zack and Tseng are sent to Banora Village to look for Genesis's parents to see if their son has contacted them. They find the village has become a stronghold for Genesis, and the townsfolk, including Genesis's parents, are dead. Gillian is the only survivor, and Genesis has set up a base in a warehouse on the edge of town where Genesis Copies are being produced.

As Zack and Tseng investigate the village, they find Genesis and Angeal, Zack believing Angeal killed his mother after finding her dead in her home and Angeal at the scene. Genesis summons Bahamut to battle Zack, and after he defeats it he and Tseng leave. Shinra orders Banora firebombed to destroy all evidence of Genesis's actions, leaving the town a crater. The bombing failed to destroy the underground mines where Hollander had constructed other testing facilities.

Banora ruins.

Years later Zack returns to Banora, realizing that Genesis's continued holding of a Banora White means he must still be using the village as a base since they grow nowhere else. Zack explores the caverns and locates Genesis in an underground chamber where a tree holds an enormous Materia known as the "Goddess Materia". Genesis absorbs power from the Materia and the Lifestream to become Genesis Avatar, and engages Zack but is defeated yet cured of his degradation.

Zack carries him out of the caverns and takes a bite of the Banora White apple, fulfilling Genesis's childhood dream by proxy since he carries Sephiroth's cells. Genesis falls unconscious from the battle as Lazard and the last Angeal Copy fade into the Lifestream. Zack takes Cloud and departs for Midgar, leaving Genesis behind. After Zack leaves, a Shinra helicopter arrives carrying Weiss and Nero of Deepground, and the two retrieve Genesis and leave Banora.

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General location of Banora, indicated by crosshair.

Banora is located on Gaia's South-Eastern island mass.



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Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

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Behind the scenes[]

Banora was a playable scenario in the Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- demo playable at Jump Festa in 2006. In the demo's climax Zack fights Ifrit, a boss which is only fought during the Wutai area of the final game.