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ATB spent on other commands increases damage dealt. Affinity changes with ninjutsu. Works in the air.


Banishment is an ATB ability for Yuffie in "Episode INTERmission" in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, granted by the File:Steel Reaper from FFVII Remake icon.png Steel Reaper. It is a magic ability that deals damage based on how much it has been charged by previously-used ATB commands: using three will upgrade it to Banishment II, and six upgrades it to Banishment III. The ability is also affected by Elemental Ninjutsu, where Fire Ninjutsu changes it into a Fiery Banishment, Ice Ninjutsu into Icy Banishment, Lightning Ninjutsu to Thunderous Banishment, and Wind Ninjutsu to Aeolian Banishment (all of which have corresponding II and III versions).


Banishment is obtained by using the ability when the File:Steel Reaper from FFVII Remake icon.png Steel Reaper is equipped. It is learned faster by using it fully powered up to Banishment III.


Hope you like pain!

Yuffie when using Banishment
Banishment II
Banishment III

Banishment II (top) and III (bottom)

Banishment at its base level deals moderate damage, but using it this way is less efficient than a Synergized Art of War or a Synergized Windstorm. Instead, it should be fully charged with ATB abilities, and an Elemental Ninjutsu (which counts as one ATB use) should be used to exploit the elemental weakness of any enemy it is used against. The damage dealt by Banishment is aimed at a single target, but can easily catch nearby enemies in its blast radius.

One effective way to charge Banishment quickly is using Brumal Form. This allows Yuffie to dodge enemy attacks, but also restores ATB while she does so. As such, setting Brumal Form to a shortcut and using it frequently to dodge attacks will easily build up ATB to expend on other abilities. The ATB regained by Brumal Form allows one to make use of Elemental Ninjutsu, Synergized Art of War, and Synergized Windstorm attacks to charge up a Banishment III more quickly, allowing Yuffie to conclude with immense damage.

Banishment III is invaluable in the hardest Shinra Box Buster level; in the final room with 1500 pts boxes arranged in a circle around a solitary box, the player should use Banishment III on the box in the middle to destroy all them in one go.



Aeolian Banishment is named after Aeolus, as the Keeper of the Winds mentioned in some stories of Greek mythology.