Golbez caught in a Banish Trap.

Banish Traps are a part of gameplay in Dissidia Final Fantasy and its prequel Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. A Banish Trap is a void of space, usually at the bottom of an arena. When a player falls into a Banish Trap, their Bravery Points steadily decrease over time as long as they remain in the trap.

After several seconds, the player is teleported to a point of solid ground elsewhere in the arena, determined by the location of the Banish Trap, and 20% of their current Bravery Points are deducted and added to the stage's Bravery Point Pool. If the player is able to escape the trap quickly by jumping or dodging out of its range, they can avoid this. If the player is knocked into a Banish Trap by an enemy attack, they are instantly Banished. For the purposes of Summons which prevent the player from losing Bravery Points, the Banish Trap will not damage the player while they are under the effects of such a Summon.

Banish Traps can be found in Pandaemonium, the alternate "Far Darkness" form of the World of Darkness, The Rift, Planet's Core, Ultimecia's Castle, Crystal World, and Dream's End. Ultimecia's Castle is unique from other arenas in that Banish Traps exist both at the bottom and at the top of the arena. In Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, Orphan's Cradle is the only stage that has a Banish Trap all around the stage, which teleports the player to the center of the stage. Sky Fortress Bahamut also has Banish Traps. In the stage's Ω version, the far end of the stage also becomes a Banish Trap, warping the player to the center area.

One useful aspect about Banish Traps when fighting AI opponents is that if they are knocked into a Banish Trap while Chasing, they will not dodge the player's attack at all, ensuring a hit. Another use for them is that because the amount of Bravery deducted is percentage based, a player can quickly deplete their opponent's high Bravery by continually knocking them into Banish Traps.

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