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Banish III
MP 96
Effect Deals Light-elemental damage; lowers Defense of undead.
Duration Unknown (for undead defense reduction)
Casting Time 3 seconds
Recast Time 45 seconds
Magic Type Divine Magic
Element Light
Jobs WHM 65
Light Spirit 65

Banish III (バニシュ III, Banishu III?) is a White Magic spell from Final Fantasy XI. It is the third tier of the light-based Banish spell. White Mages are able to learn the spell at level 65 by using a scroll obtained from a Lagoon Sahagin, purchased from a merchant, or bought from the player-stocked auction house. Banish III deals extra damage to undead, and may also lower an undead enemy's Defense.

Casting Banish III with Afflatus Misery activate grants a damage bonus to the spell based on the most recent damage taken by the caster. The record of damage taken is reset upon use.

Despite sharing the name in the English localization of Final Fantasy XIV, the abilities known as Banish III in the title are in fact the recurring Banishga spell in Japanese.