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Bangaa Thief is an enemy found in Final Fantasy XII, and is a member of the bangaa family. It can be found in the Old Elanise Road area of the Cerobi Steppe. Three of them will be seen prowling near the north entrance, spawning in place of some Bandercoeurls.

It is rare for them to spawn during rainy weather, however they do still spawn during cloudy weather. They will need to be spawned here four times to complete all the pages of their bestiary entry.

Stats Edit

Other appearances Edit

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Edit

Theatrhythm Bangaa Thief
Bangaas who have turned to thieving, they target travelers who wander onto their turf. Many the hume has had all his belongings taken and been left for dead in the wilds for that greatest insult: calling one a lizard.
—CollectaCard description

Bangaa Thief is an enemy during Battle Music Sequence (BMS).

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Edit

BangaaThief TCG

The Bangaa Thief appears on a card.

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