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BANG THE BEAT / Safe and Sound is a single by Kyosuke Himuro, in which the B-side song, "Safe and Sound", was created as the ending theme for Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete. The composition and lyrics are by Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance fame, who also appears on the song, with arrangement by Himuro. It has not been released on any Final Fantasy related album.
The song "Bang The Beat" was used in an advertisement for Asahi Inryō.

The limited edition version contains a DVD with a clip of "Safe and Sound" and an advertisement featuring "Bang The Beat".

Track list[]

  1. BANG THE BEAT — 4:31
  2. Safe and Sound — 4:46


  1. Safe And Sound (music video)
  2. Asahi Soft Drinks Commerical
  3. Commerical Making of

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