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Raises success rate of Steal.


Bandit is a support ability in Final Fantasy IX for Zidane that guarantees his Steal never misses, but does not improve the chance of gaining an item from it. Bandit takes 5 Magic Stones to equip.


Bandit is learned from Mythril Dagger and N-Kai Armlet for 40 AP. Equipping both simultaneously masters the ability at double the pace. Mythril Dagger is first stolen from the Sealion and is available from the weapon shops in Lindblum and Treno. When Princess Garnet and Captain Steiner visit Treno, they can also pick up a Mythril Dagger from Doctor Tot's tower.

N-Kai Armlet is found in Desert Palace and is available in shops afterward. It is earliest found in the Abandoned Lagoon chocograph ChocographLoc09 after Blue Narciss is available.


Without Bandit, the formula for Steal hitting a target is as follows:

Attack = Random number between 0 ... [(Level + Spirit) - 1]
Defense = Random number between 0 ... (Enemy Level - 1)

If Attack is equal to or greater than Defense, Steal succeeds. With Bandit equipped, this step is ignored and Steal will always hit the target. However, it does not guarantee that Zidane actually obtained an item. A successful Steal will first attempt the rare slot. If that fails, it tries the next most common slot. A successful Steal from an empty slot results in a failed Steal attempt.


Bandit is useful to equip to make Zidane's Steal result in an item more often, however, he will still have many "failed to steal" results from failing to get the rarer items enemies hold, especially bosses. Bandit is thus best coupled with Master Thief.