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Bancour is a region in the land of Ivalice in Final Fantasy XII. A network of plains, no country has really claimed them and the only people who live here are the garif. The only interest humes have here is the magicite mines nearby, the Henne Mines.


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A small village where a tribe of the garif reside. Shunning technology, the garif live here peacefully, and the clean landscape shows it. While most humes avoid the area, lately they have been bothered by several visitors.

The Henne Mines[]

Mines located on the Ozmone Plain, entrance is impossible without a chocobo. The mines are rich in magicite, and as such, Archadia has claimed them. Due to a recent incident involving the viera Mjrn going into a Mist frenzy, they have since left. Monsters lurk in the mines, and deep within lies a horrible power, the sealed Esper, Zodiark.

The Ozmone Plain[]

Large plains that connect Dalmasca to the Jagd Difohr, there is not much here anymore. However, airship wreckage covers the entire area, indicating that once a great battle was fought over these fields. The only native life here are the local chocobos who graze and sleep. Occasionally, the garif train here.

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