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You'll have your reward for finding me. And don't think of running off without collecting. My shot is faster, or my name's not Balthier.


Balthier from Final Fantasy XII is a secret playable character in Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions. Though Balthier is from Ivalice, he is from a very different time period. His zodiac sign is Leo.


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After fighting Meliadoul at Free City of Bervenia Ramza visits the Mining Town of Gollund and checks the rumor "Rash of Thefts" about a godless thief stealing precious cargo from the Church of Glabados. Ramza heads to the Merchant City of Dorter and checks the rumor "A Call For Guards" about precious cargo from Bervenia that needs an escort to Dorter.

Balthier's entrance.

When Ramza arrives at the Dorter slums he walks into an ambush as thieves attack him before realizing they've got the wrong man. Balthier steps out the shadows and condemns the thieves' ability to set a trap. Teaming up with Ramza, Balthier eliminates the thieves.

After the battle, Balthier explains he is a sky pirate looking for the Cache of Glabados. Ramza thinks Balthier is referring to the auracite, and when he asks Balthier what the cache is Balthier only mentions it is the reason he is currently in Ivalice.

When Ramza tells Balthier he thinks he knows what he is looking for, Balthier is more than keen to tag along, claiming the leading man never walks out of a little danger, even if he does feel more like a cameo role this time. Before they set off, Ramza comments Balthier can't be a pirate of the skies if he has no wings, while Balthier complains he is fed up of constantly following children.

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Balthier's default and exclusive job is the Sky Pirate, an enhanced combination of the Thief and Machinist jobs, with the Plunder abilities having a higher rate of stealing compared to Steal, while also boasting from superior stats and more equipment options.

Like the other cameo characters (Cloud and Luso), Balthier's age is not displayed when the player sees his profile.


Balthier is level 35 during the sidequest where he is a guest, and starts with 78 Bravery and 60 Faith. He comes equipped with the Ras Algethi, Thief's Cap, Mirage Vest, and Germinas Boots.

Balthier can do the most damage in the game by equipping the Chaos Blade and using Barrage, easily dealing over 2000 damage.


When fought in the fourteenth Rendezvous battle: Brave Story, he is level 99 and starts with 75 Bravery and 53 Faith. He uses his default Sky Pirate job, and comes equipped with the Blaster, Crystal Shield, Thief's Cap, Luminous Robe, and Angel Ring. He has access to the Piracy and Item commands, as well as the abilities First Strike, Throw Items, and Move +1.