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The barren valley where Balias, the first of Saint Ajora's disciples, hid from the Holy Ydoran Empire's pursuers.


Balias Swale (バリアスの谷, Bariasu no tani?), also known as Bariaus Valley, is a location from Final Fantasy Tactics. It is located between Lionel Castle and the Port City of Warjilis, and is the barren valley where Balias, the first of Saint Ajora's disciples, hid from pursuers from the Holy Ydoran Empire.

During her escape from Lionel, Agrias Oaks was pursued into the valley by Cardinal Delacroix's guards. Ramza Beoulve and Mustadio Bunansa arrived from the other direction and a battle ensued. The heroes were victorious and managed to reunite. They then rushed off to Golgollada Gallows to rescue Princess Ovelia.

Battle information[]

Balias Swale[]

Balias Swale

6 (2 Knights, 2 Archers, 2 Black Mages)




Team 1
X X X . .
X X X . X

Team 2
X . X X X
. . . X X
X . . X X

Additional info N/A
Conditions Protect Agrias
Weather Day, thunderstorm
Enemy level 14-15 Recommended level 15-16
Team capacity Team 1: 2 + Ramza
Team 2: 2
Number of teams 2
Battle Trophies Echo Herbs Hidden items None
Terrain Soil, River, Grassland, Flagstone, Tree Geomancy Sinkhole, Torrent, Tanglevine, Contortion

Random Battle Enemies[]

Chapters 2 and 3[]

Chapter 4[]


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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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