Balamb Whiplash is a time-limited event where Quistis from Final Fantasy VIII can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario is located after Chapter 9.

Story[edit | edit source]

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Supported by many of her students, Quistis is an active SeeD and one of the instructors of Balamb Garden. After being deprived of her position as instructor because of certain circumstances, she proceeds to accompany Squall who has been commanded to assassinate a sorceress.

Quistis's description

Due to her suddenly appearition on a mysterious volcano, Quistis starts remembering the start of his journey with Squall and the siege of Dollet. After a while, she remarks to herself that "this isn't the time to be reminiscing" and tries to locate all of her friends until a recon squad of "warriors of Materia", composed by Laguna and Y'shtola among others, encounter her.

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Quistis recognizes Laguna from the events of her world, but deduces she probably is on the dream world due to his clothes, however she denies this when she admits that her appearance is still the same and has not been altered. What really unnerves her are the presence of an armored knight, and two human-like beings with cat ears and tails. The reunion with a confused Laguna that doesn't remember her gets interrupted because of the attack of several monsters and a Behemoth that surprises the group.

After the fight, Quistis starts talking with the warriors until Zell and Squall arrive, something that makes Quistis rejoice.

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Y'shtola gets curious about this and Zell explains all about Quistis to her then Squall says that he is glad to see that her is alright, something that surprises her. Galuf and Steiner comment that he "may not show it, but he cares about the people of his same world". Although this makes Squall uncomfortable. The heroes start explaining the situation of the world to Quistis, this makes her wonder about the rest of her friends. Squall tries to reassure her by admiting that not everyone has appeared yet but that doesn't mean that they are going to be summoned too and returns to his old "persona". Quistis mocks him, gaining the favor of the warriors of Light, but this makes Squall leave. Y'shtola, Steiner and Galuf welcome her to the group.

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While the party continue talking, Quistis is informed about the presence of Seifer and the members of the Disciplinary Committee in the world as well. This makes Quistis curious and, after hearing more details of the party's encounter with him, distresses her a bit, admiting that Seifer had his flaws on his original world, but express her interest in supporting him and his posse if he doesn't do anything evil.[1]

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Quests[edit | edit source]

Story Cutscenes[edit | edit source]

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It is recommended that you clear Ch. 9: Utopia Niveus before playing.

  • ???: This volcano... It reminds me of the SeeD prereqs.
  • ???: The last time I visited there as an instructor was...with Squall, huh?
  • ???: I think I remember teasing him then, too.
  • ???: Zell... Seifer... That was a rough exam...
  • ???: Heavens, this isn't the time to get lost in thought.
  • ???: Where could everyone be? I'd best try to meet back up.
  • Laguna: Hey! Who's that over there!?
  • ???: You're kidding me... Laguna?

(The rest of the party arrives)

  • Laguna: ...Huh?
  • Y'shtola: Your acquaintance?
  • Cecil: You're from the same world? Please, introduce us.
  • Laguna: Eh? Uh, I, um... I don't think we've met...maybe?
  • ???: Laguna's this could be a dream...
  • ???: ...But that can't be right, because I shouldn't be me in that case. This is strange...
  • ???: And who are these others? I've never seen a knight in full armor outside of movies...
  • ???: Ears and tails... An unknown race...?
  • ???: ...No good. I need to calm down. Like I tell my students, there's a difference between a test and the real thing...
  • Zidane: Hello? You keep mumbling to yourself...
  • Laguna: Another one who knows me, but I don't know them... Why does this keep happening to me? Ugh, my head hurts...
  • Cecil: This may be more complicated than it first appeared, but she doesn't seem to be hostile.

(The appearance of a Behemoth prompts the party to bring out their weapons)

  • Y'shtola: It would be nice to determine as much at our leisure, so perhaps we should rid the area of any other threats first.
Like a Book:

(Zell and Squall arrive)

  • Zell: Quistis!
  • Quistis: Zell! And Squall! I finally found you!
  • Y'shtola: So you are an acquaintance.
  • Zell: Yeah she is. She's our instructor at Balamb Garden— ...Oh, wait, you got fired, huh.
  • Zell: But she was the youngest to pass the SeeD exams. Her creds are solid!
  • Squall: ...Glad you're safe.
  • Quistis: Uh-oh... Did something happen? It's not like you to worry about others.
  • Steiner: Master Squall has been most concerned about his friends back in his world.
  • Galuf: He puts on a standoffish face, but he's a compassionate lad deep down!
  • Squall: (...I shouldn't have opened my mouth.)

  • Quistis: An alternate world? It's hard to believe...but I think I've got the situation.
  • Y'shtola: We have been gathering allies along our journey.
  • Galuf: Everyone starts off on their own, but as you can see, we're now one big, happy family.
  • Quistis: So then the rest of our party is with you?
  • Squall: We haven't found everyone. But that doesn't mean they're here.
  • Quistis: I see... Here or not, though, you can't help but worry...
  • Squall: What—
  • Quistis: "Ever."
  • Y'shtola: Haha, you've read him like a book.
  • Steiner: Just like a teacher to know her student.
  • Quistis: Not as a teacher, but a friend. You've been fighting alongside him, too, haven't you?
  • Squall: ...It's good that you're alright and caught up on things. But as for me, just—
  • Y'shtola: "Leave me alone."
  • Y'shtola: ...Did I do it right?
  • Squall: ...Let's go.

(Squall leaves)

  • Zell: Aww, c'mon Squall! Don't pout!
  • Quistis: At last, someone with my sense of humor. We should have a chat.
  • Y'shtola: It would be my pleasure. As a friend.
  • Galuf: Hmm, wise beyond her years and possessed of a deep understanding of her companions, it seems.
  • Steiner: Another valuable ally we have gained!
Instructor Trepe:
  • Quistis: I see you've been honing your skills during your time here, Zell.
  • Zell: The competition's fierce in a big party like this! Gotta kick it up a notch!
  • Quistis: And it's reassuring to see you've got a handle on your nerves, Irvine. Everyone is looking good, all things considered.
  • Irvine: Never been better.
  • Zell: Oh yeah, Seifer and his crew are here, too...
  • Zell: Be nice if he'd grow up a little...
  • Vaan: That's right. You'd know Seifer, too, huh?
  • Quistis: You've met him?
  • Hope: ...Yeah, we've fought a number of times.
  • Vaan: He picks a fight with us every time we run into him.
  • Quistis: I'm not surprised... As his instructor, please accept my apologies.
  • Yuna: We can tell he's not a bad person.
  • Yuna: He told me that I shouldn't have to shoulder everything myself, and that he'd protect me as a knight...
  • Irvine: Always a heavy-handed approach, that guy.
  • Quistis: ...Indeed. A shortcoming that keeps holding him back...
  • Quistis: He gets good marks in combat...but his habit of ignoring others to do his own thing is inexcusable for a mercenary.
  • Hope: So he was like that back in his own world, too...
  • Zell: Those other two from the disciplinary committee, too.
  • Quistis: Fujin and Raijin?
  • Irvine: The three of them carrying on without a clue about what's going on here sure is something.
  • Quistis: I see... They deserve an A for effort.
  • Quistis: I suppose in this sort of situation, a bad habit of doing his own thing becomes an ability to act independently.
  • Zell: That's one way to put it. You're trying to defend his actions?
  • Quistis: He hasn't committed any serious wrongdoing yet, right?
  • Irvine: Yet. No telling when he'll try to pull something funny, though.
  • Quistis: I may not be his instructor anymore, but we grew up in the same environment. I'd like to see him succeed if possible.
  • Hope: You sure are supportive. I'll bet you were a nice teacher.
  • Irvine: The kids love ya, "Instructor" Trepe.
  • Quistis: I told you, I'm no longer an instructor! ...Though I don't mind the compliment.
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