Bajsaljen, leader of the Bozjan resistance. Not the best choice for the job, if I'm to be frank, but I will bear the title all the same.

Bajssaljen's introduction

Bajsaljen Ulgasch is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. He is the leader of the Bozjan resistance that currently resides in Gangos, that located southeast of Bozja Citadel.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Bajsaljen is part of the lost tribe of Hrothgar he has white fur covering his body, and brown hair. He has a handlebar mustache for whiskers, and wears alliance gear of fending dyed nophica green.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Bajsaljen is the kind leader of the Bozjan resistance, and is determined to retake his homeland from the Garleans.

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As someone who lived his entire life under garlean rule, he can be a bit skeptical of their assistance, but will come around to it if the need arises.

Story[edit | edit source]

Early life[edit | edit source]

Bajsaljen was born in Bozja, under the empire's rule. He followed in his late father's footsteps in becoming a doctor, and was taken to the capital for his accomplishments, immediately taking an education in medicinal sciences. He was deployed into the IVth Imperial Legion as a medic, and was awarded citizenship because of it.

Following his draft into the military, he met his wife and started a family.

Bajsaljen was assigned to quell an uprising in Nagxia and during his time there he learned afterwards that his family was killed in the beginning stages of the meteor project. He defied orders trying to find his wife and children, and ended up in chains because of it. He expected to be locked up forever, but the military had need for more medics. Before rejoining the military he abandoned it with other soldiers to join the resistance.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers[edit | edit source]

Bajsaljen requests assistance from the Eorzean alliance to defy the garlean empire and receives aid in the form of Gerolt Blackthorn and Mikoto Jinba. In an effort to recreate the gunhildr's blades of eld, the two were not enough as they didn't have the power to walk in people's memories and requested the aid of the Warrior of Light. Once they arrive, Bajsaljen introduces himself, and explains the predicament they are in. He explains that an ancient people used a certain treatment to ail illnesses of the mind, and could be used to retrieve long lost information. The information they require however is inscriptions on the gunhildr's blades that were lost in the Bozja incident. After a demonstration of how the treatment works, it is suggested that they request the aid of Cid nan Garlond as he could have seen the weapons before the city's destruction. Although he is reluctant at first Bajsaljen agrees and awaits the arrival of Cid.

Following the adventure into Cid's memories, Mikoto describes the inscriptions to Gerolt exciting members of the resistance. Once Cid leaves the tent, Bajsaljen apologizes for believing that all garleans are not to be trusted, and hopes they can change their children's future. Cid remarks by saying that they would hopefully be the ones to pen the coming history of their people. Bajsaljen thanks the group for assisting in forging the weapons, and hopes to see the Warrior of Light in future battles against the empire.

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