Baigan is fought as a boss in the Baron Castle in Final Fantasy IV.

Baigan first appears in the entrance hall and appears to join the party in friendship. Palom and Porom sense he is evil and Baigan reveals Golbez has given him great power and transforms into a monster.

Stats[edit | edit source]


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Battle[edit | edit source]

Baigan's two arms use Vampire to inflict Sap and can use Entangle to Paralyze party members. Although the arms can be killed easily, Baigan will regenerate them. Once hit with a spell he casts Reflect on himself. Once Baigan is killed, the arms will self-destruct.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Baigan can be defeated easily by having Tellah cast Reflect on a party member (preferably someone with high HP like Yang), and bounce spells off the reflected party member to bypass Baigan's Reflect. Another valid strategy is to use Twincast as Comet pierces Reflect. This can be is risky, as Pyroblast, the more common Twincast spell of the two, does not pierce Reflect. Yang's Kick can be good to attack all the parts of Baigan at once. If Palom knows Quake, it can be used to eliminate the arms and bypass the Reflect Baigan sets up.

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