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Bafsk is a town from Final Fantasy II, used as the construction site for the Palamecian Dreadnought.


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The Dark Knight was in charge of the creation of the Dreadnought, but due to the loss of possession of Mythril he was summoned to Palamecia and was replaced by Borghen. This caused the construction to slow down, since the Dark Knight actually hypnotized the villagers, something Borghen could not do.

Firion and his friends, together with Minwu, attempt to sabotage the creation of the Dreadnought by sneaking through Bafsk's sewer system, with the help of a Wild Rose Rebel, but they are too late: the Dreadnought was already complete when they entered the town. It takes off and launches attacks on the cities that have sided with the Wild Rose Rebellion.

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Weapon Shop[]

The weapon shop of Bafsk.

Item Cost (DoS & Anniversary) Cost (Origins)
Dagger 150 gil 400 gil
Spear 200 gil 500 gil
Longsword 200 gil 600 gil
Longbow 150 gil 250 gil

Armor Shop[]

The armor shop of Bafsk.

Item Cost (DoS & Anniversary) Cost (Origins)
Bronze Shield 150 gil 200 gil
Bronze Helm 150 gil 200 gil
Silver Cuirass 200 gil 400 gil
Bronze Gloves 150 gil 300 gil

Item Shop[]

The item shop of Bafsk.

Item Cost (DoS & Anniversary) Cost (Origins)
Potion 30 gil 50 gil
Hi-Potion 150 gil 500 gil
Eye Drops 40 gil 100 gil
Antidote 30 gil 200 gil
Cross 50 gil 1,000 gil
Mallet 60 gil 2,000 gil
Maiden's Kiss 500 gil 2,500 gil
Gold Needle 500 gil 2,500 gil
Phoenix Down 500 gil 5,000 gil
Ether 1,000 gil 2,500 gil
Cottage 2,000 gil 5,000 gil
Elixir 50,000 gil 50,000 gil

Magic Shop[]

The magic shop of Bafsk.

Item Cost (DoS & Anniversary) Cost (Origins)
Fear Tome 600 gil 800 gil
Basuna Tome 600 gil 800 gil
Esuna Tome 600 gil 800 gil
Silence Tome 600 gil 800 gil


Outside, before Cyclone[]

Outside, after Cyclone[]

Musical themes[]

The Background Music that plays in Bafsk is the Final Fantasy II "Town" theme.