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[Poison/Confu/Sleepel/Silence/Small/Frog] on all


Bad Breath is a status spell in Final Fantasy VII. It is an enemy skill used by Malboro, and can be learned on the Enemy Skill Materia for the player to use.



Bad Breath is first learned from the Malboro on the outside slopes of Gaea's Cliff and in the Northern Cave. Gaea's Cliff is an unrevisitable location, and so if the player misses the skill there, they will need to wait until nearly the end of the game for the next chance to learn it. Malboro is more likely to use Bad Breath when under half its max HP.

It is best to equip Ribbon on the same character who has the Enemy Skill Materia, and then use White Wind after the rest of the party has become afflicted. A Malboro will only use Bad Breath three times in a battle.


Command Materia Enemy Skill Materia
Effect Inflicts Sleep, Poison, Confusion, Silence, Frog, and Small on target party. Unlike with status magic with Magic Materia, Bad Breath has a 100% chance to inflict all status abnormalities on all targets (unless they are immune).
MP cost 58
Reflect No


Bad Breath casts Poison, Confuse, Sleep, Silence, Frog, and Small on all party members. An unprepared party may find this difficult to survive, but with all its effects, Bad Breath can render most enemies defenseless, but does not work on bosses.

Useful times to use Bad Breath include against Sea Worm, Unknown, Unknown 3, Maximum Kimaira, Hojo (his minions are affected), Parasite, Dark Dragon, and King Behemoth.

The Summon Hades has the same effect with extra damage added to the enemies, but it costs much more MP to use than Bad Breath, making Bad Breath preferable to use as an ability. However, Hades can be linked with Added Effect and other Support Materia, whereas Bad Breath can't be.