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Back to the Skies was a continuous Challenge Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.


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Setzer, having just been duped by Celes, Locke, and Edgar, now lends the party the Blackjack in their battle against the Gestahlian Empire and himself joins the Returners' cause.

However, after the events at the Floating Continent, Kefka has moved the Warring Triad out of alignment, tearing the world and the airship asunder as Kefka attempts to become an all-powerful deity, crushing all who would oppose him. In the year since, Setzer becomes dejected and depressed over losing his wings until Celes, having been through her own slump earlier, pulls him up. Setzer then fondly remembers the love of his life, Darill, who had a similar zeal for life and a similar competitive spirit to his own. Before Darill died in a crash, she willed her airship, the Falcon, unto him. Setzer recovered the downed craft, restored it, and placed it in a tomb he built for its former owner. Now, the party ventures to Darill's crypt to retrieve the Falcon and muster the courage to fight anew.

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The boss of the Part 2-5 dungeon, Deathgaze, appears as a random enemy lineup among the three stages.