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Babil Tower.

Babil Tower (バブイルの塔, Babuiru no Tō?) was a location in the free-to-play versions Final Fantasy Dimensions II. When selecting a specific training stage, the player could only choose one element per day. It would reset on the following day. Yellow Vouchers were obtained from all training stages, increasing amount in level and difficulty. Players obtained blue tickets when they completed any round of Babil Tower, and these tickets could be used to exchange items in the exchange item corner. Friends could give more Yellow Vouchers from time to time, which made it easy for players to stack over time if they did not challenge the tower within a period of time depending on their number of friends.

  • Max Babil points on hand: 999,999.
  • Max Yellow Vouchers on hand: 1,000.
  • Max CP: 10,000.


Stage Level Cost Release day
Training Stage 1 10 4 AP Start of Game
Training Stage 2 20 4 AP Start of Game
Training Stage 3 30 5 AP Start of Game
Training Stage 4 40 5 AP 22th April 15
Training Stage 5 50 6 AP 18th June 15
Training Stage 6 55 6 AP 21st July 15
Training Stage 7 60 8 AP 18th August 15
Training Stage 8 65 8 AP 9th October 15
Training Stage 9 70 10 AP 8th December 15
Babil Tower 1 20 30 Yellow Vouchers Start of Game
Babil Tower 2 25 35 Yellow Vouchers Start of Game
Babil Tower 3 30 40 Yellow Vouchers Start of Game
Babil Tower 4 40 50 Yellow Vouchers 20th March 15
Babil Tower 5 50 55 Yellow Vouchers 1st May 15
Babil Tower 6 55 60 Yellow Vouchers 28th May 15
Babil Tower 7 60 65 Yellow Vouchers 7th July 15
Babil Tower 8 65 70 Yellow Vouchers 11th August 15
Babil Tower 9 70 75 Yellow Vouchers 15th September 15
Babil Tower 10 75 80 Yellow Vouchers 15th December 15
  • There are no more updates for the Babil Tower.

Top rewards[]

Upon reaching a total score of four crystals and above, a secret reward is unlocked. Players are also advised to exchange their blue tickets for Elemental Stones to avoid the trouble of going through the training towers to get them.

  • Twilight = Light/Dark
Stage Top Rewards I Top Rewards II
Training Stage 1 Element Stone 5 Yellow Vouchers
Training Stage 2 Elemental Tail III 10 Yellow Vouchers
Training Stage 3 15 Yellow Vouchers Twilight Plate
Training Stage 4 25 Yellow Vouchers Mold I
Training Stage 5 30 Yellow Vouchers Mold II
Training Stage 6 50 Yellow Vouchers Mold III
Training Stage 7 65 Yellow Vouchers Mold IV
Training Stage 8 80 Yellow Vouchers Mold V
Training Stage 9 90 Yellow Vouchers Mold VI
Babil Tower 1 20 Babil Points 25 Babil Points
Babil Tower 2 50 Babil Points 75 Babil Points
Babil Tower 3 120 Babil Points 150 Babil Points
Babil Tower 4 180 Babil Points 250 Babil Points
Babil Tower 5 280 Babil Points 320 Babil Points
Babil Tower 6 350 Babil Points 400 Babil Points
Babil Tower 7 420 Babil Points 500 Babil Points
Babil Tower 8 650 Babil Points 530 Babil Points
Babil Tower 9 820 Babil Points 680 Babil Points
Babil Tower 10 1,080 Babil Points 850 Babil Points
  • The mold are needed together with the strong ore to upgrade those weapons. For more information see below.

Exchange items[]

Default items[]

The Babil Points are used to exchange items in the exchange corner.

Babil Points can also be obtained from normal and raid events. The general use for Babil Points is to exchange for rank stars and tails to enhance/upgrade signets.

Item Points Cost Item Points Cost
Kotetsu I 4000 Lohengrin I 4000
Murasame I 4000 Gae Bolg I 4000
Perseus Bow I 4000 Prism Staff I 4000
Grimoire (Volume I) 4000 Timeless Sword 2500
Timeless Axe 2500 Timeless Dagger 2500
Timeless Lance 2500 Timeless Staff 2500
Timeless Bow 2500 Timeless Book 2500
Strong Ore I 4000 Strong Ore II 4500
Strong Ore III 5000 Strong Ore IV 6000
Strong Ore V 7500 Strong Ore VI 10000
Talisman I 300 Talisman II 1000
Rank Star I 100 Rank Star II 200
Rank Star III 400 Rank Star IV 2500
Rank Star V 8000 Rank Star VI 15000
Rank Star VII 20000 Element stones 150
Element Tail III 80 Element Tail IV 150
Pink Tail III 400 Pink Tail IV 1000
HP Plus I 10000 MP Plus I 10000
Attack Plus I 10000 Magic Plus I 10000
Speed Plus I 10000 Chocobo (Strike-Type) 1000
Moogle (Jump-Type) 1000 Suzaku (Katon-Type) 4000
Seiryu (Suiton-Type) 4000 Byakko (Raiton-Type) 4000
Genbu (Doton-Type) 4000
  • Note: The strong ores are needed for the enhancement of special weapons. Molds for the various weapons could be found in certain layers of the Babil Tower. However Timeless weapons are more powerful as compared to the special weapon series.

Event-only items[]

Item Cost Exchange Period Type
Magus Sisters 5000 April 24, 2015 - May 7, 2015 Signet
Flame Mage 5000 May 28, 2015 - June 14, 2015 Signet
Aqua Witch 5000 May 28, 2015 - June 14, 2015 Signet
Wind Witch 5000 May 28, 2015 - June 14, 2015 Signet
Earth Mage 5000 May 28, 2015 - June 14, 2015 Signet
Acorn Cutter I 100 June 16, 2015 - June 30, 2015 Weapon
Acorn Cutter II 5500 June 16, 2015 - June 30, 2015 Weapon
Nut Boots I 75 June 16, 2015 - June 30, 2015 Accessory
Nut Boots II 3000 June 16, 2015 - June 30, 2015 Accessory
Calca and Brina 5000 June 23, 2015 - July 7, 2015 Signet
Watermelon Knife 3000 August 20, 2015 - August 27, 2015 Weapon
Golbez OR 50000 August 27, 2015 - September 10, 2015 Signet
Rydia OR 50000 September 22, 2015 - October 6, 2015 Signet


List of Training Tower enemies[]

  • Note: The Soul and Flan-type enemies that appear in Training tower have different colors, and thus will have different resistances and weaknesses for different elemental training towers.
  • The Flan is able to reduce all physical damage by half.
  • The Soul is able to reduce all magic attack by 5-10%.
  • The Behemoth and Frostbeast is able to increase the power of its attacks by 20% if it was hit by its weakness.
  • Frostbeast is a hound-type enemy in the water training tower, there are 3 more hounds of different element.
Name Deadly Skill Skill Effect Weakness Resistance Image
Behemoth Power Up Nil Weakness of Training Tower Current Element of Training Tower FFLTnS Behemoth.png
Goblin Nil Nil Nil Nil FFLTnS GoblinMostr.png
Red Mousse Nil Nil Ice Fire, Physical Attacks FFLTnS RedMousse.png
Skeleton Poison 3 turns effect Fire, Holy Dark FFLTnS Skeleton.png
Evil Flame Nil Nil Holy, Ice Dark FFLTnS EvilFlame.png
Mother Lamia Nil Nil Nil Nil FFLTnS MotherLamia.png
Giant Frog Nil Nil Fire Nil FFLTnS Frog.png
Lamia Nil Nil Nil Nil FFLTnS Lamia.png
Ahriman Nil Nil Lightning Earth FFLTnS Ahriman.png
Dark Skeleton Nil Nil Fire, Holy Dark FFLTnS DarkSkeleton.png
Iron Giant Nil Nil Weakness of Training Tower Physical Attacks FFLTnS IronGiant.png
Frostbeast Nil Nil Weakness of Training Tower Physical Attacks FFLTnS Frostbeast.png


Name Deadly Skill Skill Effect Weakness Resistance Image
Malboro Bad Breath Silence 1 Turn, Poison 3 Turns Fire Nil FFLTnS MalboroEnemy.png
Cactuar 3000 Needles 3000 Damage to one character. Nil High Dodge and High Magic Defense FFLTnS Cactus.png
Sand Worm Discord Party Speed, Att, Magic Weakened Ice Fire, Earth FFLTnS Sandworm.png
Reflecting Pot Reflect Duration: 1 turn All Magic Physical attacks FFLTnS ReflectingPot.png
Strato Avis Weaken 1 member reduced to 1 HP. Earth Fire, Ice FFLTnS Strato Avis.png
Red Dragon Flamethrower Entire party take enormous damage. Ice, Bows Fire FFLTnS RedDragon.png
Blue Dragon Ice Storm Ice damage to entire party. Fire, Bows Ice FFLTnS BlueDragon.png
Machine Head Hard Strike III Deals 1500-2700 damage. Electric Nil FFLTnS MachineHead.png
Counter Tortoise Counter Counter all Magic with 2700+ physical damage. All Magic Nil FFLTnS CounterTortoise.png
Dive Pecker Nil Nil Ice, Earth Electric, Fire FFLTnS DivePecker.png
Recovery System Heal All Heal 2000-4000 HP to all enemies when hit. Ice Physical Damage FFLTnS RecoverySystem.png