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Ba'al iv; Goldie is an optional boss in Bravely Default, encountered as a Nemesis in Norende Village.

Stats Edit


Goldie [+]

Goldie [-]

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Goldie is a skeletal fish with fins and a tail made out of a veil-like material, with colored beads in the tail. It has huge beads for eyes and a mouth full of sharp teeth. A golden backbone and rainbow-colored spines can be seen through the ribbons, beads, and bead strings in its body.

Battle Edit

Goldie starts off the battle with Incubation, which spawns three small fish (called Comets) that share all of its stats, except for a lower amount of health. At any time that one or more Comets exist, Goldie may use Cannibalism to devour one of them, restoring its own HP and BP by the devoured Comet's current amount, as well as conferring any status effects the Comet had to itself.

The Comet may either attack, default, or use Rapid Growth, which gives itself Regen and a 25% boost to physical and magical attack. Regen heals for 300 HP every turn (normal difficulty with regular goldie).

Festival Music and Bouncy Ball target all characters and enemies, with Festival Music causing Confusion and Bouncy Ball dealing high damage. If Goldie confuses itself, it can use Cannibalism to devour one of the party members.

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