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Too long have I gone unpaid. I'll carve my bounty out of that boy!

Ba'Gamnan is a boss in Final Fantasy XII. He is a bangaa headhunter wanting to capture Balthier. He is fought alongside his siblings: Rinok, Gijuk, and Bwagi. The quartet is also fought in the Zodiac versions' Trial Mode in Stage 58 where the Caldera (uncommon) and Bone of Byblos (rare) can be stolen from Ba'Gamnan.

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Being a bangaa headhunter, intent on capturing the sky pirate Balthier. Vicious and cruel, he will do anything to claim a bounty, not hesitating for a moment to dirty his own hands. Though Ba'Gamnan is guilty of more than enough to deserve a price on his own head, his unofficial role as Judge Gabranth's dark hand ensures his good name with the law. His three henchmen are, if anything, crueler and more lacking in mores than he, were that possible.

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Big, strong, and never pushed aside until he's squeezed the last scream out of a captive is Gijuk. No less despicable is the shady Bwagi, a relentless and sadistic hunter of men. Lastly, Rinok gives a female touch to Ba'Gamnan's motley crew, yet if one were expecting to find a kind and gentle nature here, one would be sorely, nay, agonizingly disappointed.




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Lhusu Mines Edit

As Larsa makes a run for it, Ba'Gamnan and his motley crew will chase the party. There are two options for this battle: run or fight.

Ba'Gamnan's attack can inflict Silence. His henchmen can cast support magick.

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If the player chooses to run, they should press the R2 to ignore the monsters in the vicinity and follow Larsa all the way outside to the Shaft Entry area. To make escaping easier, the player can set the Battle Speed to slow from the config; this way the enemies take longer to execute commands, yet the party still keeps escaping the same pace.

If the player chooses to fight, Protect should be ready. As Ba'Gamnan's attack can inflict Silence, Rose Corsage can be equipped to prevent that. His henchmen can cast support magick, so it is best to have Silence cast on them as well as Blind, which stops them from dealing too much damage. They can be disabled, to stop their attacks. The party should have Hi-Potions ready, since Cure spells will not help much with all the damage the party will endure.

Another tactic is to put to use the Knots of Rust or Dark Motes the party may have found in the area. A weak character can do up to 400 damage with a single Knot of Rust, and unless the party are above level 20, this will likely be the strongest attack.

A simple way to beat Ba'Gamnan is to use Quickenings. A relatively short three or four chain can deplete Ba'Gamnan's HP in a single blast.

Nam-Yensa Sandsea Edit

Ba'Gamnan Battle Belito

Battle with Ba'Gamnan.

Monid will join in the battle. He is Level 46, equipped with 100% Protect and Haste. He will occasionally cast Protect, Curaja, and Regen, and use X-Potions depending on the situation. Bwagi is the magick user and will cast Protect and Shell on Ba'Gamnan, Gijuk uses Fangs to cast powerful Fire, Ice, and Lightning magick, and Rinok is Ba'Gamnan's support attacker.

Ba'Gamnan's main target is Balthier when he's in the party. Defeating Ba'Gamnan ends the battle regardless of how much HP the henchmen may have remaining.


It is best to have all support statuses ready, such as Protect, Shell, Regen, Bubble, Faith, Haste, and Bravery. The Nihopalaoa + Remedy trick works well on the crew. Equipping shields is also a good way to defend since the bangaa have no Ignore Evade.

It is best to take Ba'Gamnan's henchmen down first. One should dispel their statuses and get rid of Bwagi and Gijuk first.

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  • The treasures in Site 2 of Lhusu Mines will disappear and never respawn after Ba'Gamnan attacks the party. If the player defeats Ba'Gamnan immediately, the treasures are still there, but exiting Site 2 means the treasures will disappear for good. This is deemed to be a glitch as it doesn't happen in the original version. If the player wants a particular treasure from this area, they should get it before triggering the battle with Ba'Gamnan.

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