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BGH251F2, also known as Iron Clad (アイアン・クラッド, Aian Kuraddo?), is a boss in Final Fantasy VIII. It is a Galbadian war machine fought twice; first time at the Missile Base with Selphie's team, and later by Squall's team at Fishermans Horizon, where it is out of control due to the damage it suffered during the Missile Base's destruction.




First battle[]


During the fight with Selphie's team, BGH251F2 will be controlled by Galbadian soldiers. Every fourth turn, the Captain gives orders to "Standby for Beam Cannon!", a strong follow-up attack that can easily KO a party member. As it takes damage, BGH251F2 will lose one of its turrets. After BGH251F2 has lost four turrets, it will start using Beam Cannon every turn without charging. Once it is defeated, the battle will be continued by one Elite Soldier and two G-Soldiers. The player must destroy BGH251F2 and the soldiers within the time limit.

BGH251F2 is weak against Thunder, Earth, and Water. The player receives Weapons Mon Jun after the battle.

Although BGH251F2 will remove itself from battle when its HP is below 20%, if it has any remaining HP, the player will not get the 20 AP reward.


Quezacotl and Brothers are the best Guardian Forces to summon, however, the time limit must be kept in mind and the GFs' animations are lengthy. The party can junction Thunder and Water spells to the characters' elemental attack to deal more damage. The party can draw Protect from the boss to cast on the party.

BGH251F2 must be finished off quickly once it loses four turrets. It can be blinded during the battle's first stage to have its physical attacks miss, but it won't affect Beam Cannon. Because Beam Cannon hits only one ally, the player must keep ready to revive as soon as someone gets knocked out. Allies can be revived with Phoenix Downs to leave them with low health to perform a Limit Break on their next turn.

Second battle[]

Beam Cannon.

At the second battle with Squall's team, BGH251F2 can still use Beam Cannon; however, the damage from this attack is lower, and it can be halved by Shell. After being defeated, it falls into the water and Selphie's team climbs out of it, saying they survived the explosion of the base by using the robot as cover, but could not control it.


BGH251F2 is still weak against the same elements, so Leviathan can be summoned for good damage. The player can mug the rare Adamantine from it in this battle as well.

Triple Triad[]


BGH251F2 is a Level 7 Boss Card in Triple Triad used for playing the minigame and for turning into ten Protect Stones with Quezacotl's Card Mod. BGH251F2 is a rare outcome of successfully using the Card command on a Behemoth or a Grand Mantis.

Other appearances[]

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

PFF BGH251F2.png
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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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Behind the scenes[]

BGH251F2 seen on the background.

BGH251F2 can be seen on the background in one of the screens in Missile Base, partly covered up.