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Azurr under Rubrum control.

Azurr on the world map.

Welcome to Azurr. Now that we've secured the area, all dominion citizens are free to roam about the city as they please. This is our territory now, so make yourselves at home.

Class Seventh Cadet

Azurr (アズール, Azūru?) is the second largest city in the Azurr District in Final Fantasy Type-0. It is located in the northwestern corner of the district near the Militesi capital of Ingram. Azurr can be accessed once the Expert Trial The Climactic Clash at Azurr in chapter 7 is completed.


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Jörg Paradis was a lowly lord in Azurr who encountered the White Tiger l'Cie in 174, three years before he crowned himself Emperor of Milites. His study in crystal-driven technology led to the invention of firearms and his subjugation of Azurr was swift and merciless. Out of the ashes rose Ingram in the north, the capital chosen to house the White Peristylium as Paradis made his formal declaration of empire. Ingram has served as the Militesi capital ever since.

In the year 842, after the Kingdom of Concordia surrenders to the Dominion of Rubrum, the dominion deploys its military force to Milites. By dispatching their entire fleet and remobilizing troops stationed at the imperial capital, the Militesi Army musters 800,000 troops to obliterate Rubrum's 600,000. The dominion lacking reserve forces, the empire needs to crush the legions at Azurr to turn the tide of the war. The imperial troops are powerless against the dominion's Eidolons and Azurr is conquered and its citizens subjugated, complaining that they never took part in the war effort yet are made to suffer.

Dominion legionaries celebrating.

After the dominion storms Ingram and Class Zero defeats Militesi General Qator Bashtar who perishes while saving the city from an Ultima Bomb, dominion legionaries celebrate on the streets of Azurr. The town is in an uproar over the rumor the capital has fallen, and a Class Seventh cadet tells Class Zero to not spread the rumor lest the dominion has a nationwide uprising in their hands. The citizens worry for their future, remarking how the dominion will be able to write the history books to paint Milites as the "bad guys", but some lament the dominion citizens are not what they had imagined or what they had learned in school.

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Azurr is the enemy HQ during the regional dominance mission The Climactic Clash at Azurr and needs to be captured for the player to complete it.


The truck opened.

You see that Militesi standing over there, do you not, cadet? I have been surveying him for some time, and I cannot help but suspect that he intends to initiate some sort of uprising. One of the citizens requested I vanquish the floating eyes causing a ruckus outside the town, but I feel I mustn't leave this spot lest that man cause some sort of disturbance. I hear that you cadets are quite capable. My client and I would be most appreciative if you would take care of those pesky flying fiends.


Okita asks Class Zero for assistance with his A Watchdog's Wish, tasking them with felling Floating Eyes in Azurr forests, rewarding the cadets with a Gold Bangle and a MPV-B2 Trunk Key. The key can be given to a dominion citizen pacing near a truck who opens the cargo hold of a vehicle, which contains a l'Cie Stone.


Azurr Shop.

I won't try to rip you off or anything--I'm one of you guys! I just figured I'd try to make a living outside the dominion. C'mon, help support your fellow countryman and buy something!

Dominion Citizen

The merchant in Azurr sells accessories.

Item Price
H2-Ballistic Armor 6000 gil
H2-Stab Armor 2500 gil
H2-Shock Absorber 6000 gil
H2-Circumventor 6000 gil
Gold Anklet 12000 gil
Medical Kit 12000 gil
Mobility Gear 12000 gil


l'Cie Alöe's Crystal location.

  • Hi-Potion is given by an Imperial Citizen when spoken to.
  • After doing the task in town the cadets receive a truck key they can give to a dominion citizen who opens the back of a truck with it. Inspecting the cargo hold finds the l'Cie Alöe's Crystal.